Kentucky Derby Festival Presents: Princess Patter StragegiC brief

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  • Introduction: Adobe Spark is a "one-stop content shop" for creating and sharing visual content. Adobe Spark branched off of Adobe in attempts to be more user friendly and to help more people create content. Adobe Spark offers 3 different kinds of content creation: social media posts, web stories, and animated videos.
  • Overview: For this assignment, I chose to focus on the Kentucky Derby Festival Princesses. The 5 Princesses attend over 70 events in the 2 weeks leading up to the Kentucky Derby. The social media graphics created for this project promote a blog to be maintained by the 5 Princesses to share their experience with the public.
  • Key Audiences: This blog would be targeting 2 different audiences. My hope is that since all 5 Princesses have different voices, more audience members will be drawn to read the blog. The first audience would be upper-middle class adults in the Louisville area. These adults typically attend Kentucky Derby Festival events throughout March and April and become familiar with the Kentucky Derby Festival Princesses. They are primarily active on Facebook, and are a growing audience on Instagram and Twitter. I believe that beginning this blog about the KDF Princess experience would get this audience more involved on social media. The second audience targeted by this blog is young high school and college females in the Louisville area. These women would be potential future Princesses. By sharing all the fun experiences of the Princesses, I hope to increase the interest and number of applicants for the Royal Court program in years to come.
  • Strategic Mindset: The Kentucky Derby Festival Royal Court is an extremely unique program. Luckily, they are located in the city of Louisville, which is home to a huge local support system and a growing young professional community. The Princess Patter Blog will tell the story of the city's royalty: the Kentucky Derby Festival Princesses. It is Louisville tradition to follow the Princesses through the festival and adding a blog experience online would elevate the ability to follow the journey. I want to share Louisville tradition through this platform.
  • Objectives: To share Louisville tradition of the Royal Court and to increase awareness of the Kentucky Derby Festival events that lead up to the Kentucky Derby.
  • Strategies: I am hoping to reach these objectives with the personal blogs posted by the 5 Kentucky Derby Festival Princesses. To guide traffic to this blog, I will create Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter content on Adobe Spark. The promotional content will contain photos and videos from recent Kentucky Derby Festival events and will guide the audience to the Princess Patter blog. The blog will also direct the audience to upcoming Kentucky Derby Festival events.
  • Summary: The Kentucky Derby Festival is a community organization that uses over 4,000 volunteers to create and facilitate entertainment events for the Louisville community in the month leading up to the Kentucky Derby. 2/3 of Kentucky Derby Festival events are free to the public and the Festival generates over 127.9 million annually for the local economy. The Kentucky Derby Festival is on social media and its audience is growing. To learn more about what Adobe Sparks products can do, click here. You can read more about the Kentucky Derby Festival here as well.
  • Contact Information:Twitter: @4ClassNattyB LinkedIn: Natalie Brown
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Twitter Post to promote Princess Patter
Instagram post to promote Princess Patter

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