Spreading Hope to a Nation Samaritan Aviation

Why are floatplanes so important?

220,000 people live along a 700 mile river in Papua New Guinea called the Sepik River. It's surrounded by a dense jungle with virtually no roads, electricity, and little to no access to emergency medical care.

80% of those living along the Sepik River suffer from malaria.
Angoram, Photo: Catherine McGrath

With our two floatplanes, we provide emergency life flights to the only hospital within 37,000 square miles. Without these life flights, it would take some of these people 5-7 days by way of dugout canoe to get to hospital care. Many of our flights take an hour or less.

Papua New Guinea kids in a dugout canoe, Photo: Catherine McGrath

Samaritan Aviation exists to demonstrate God's love by providing aviation and medical services in the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea through:

  • Hospital Ministries
  • Medicine Delivery
  • Life Flights
  • Community Health & Development
  • Disaster Relief
  • Leadership & Discipleship Training

Our impact since 2010:

Over 121,000 pounds of medical supplies delivered to aid posts and health centers along the sepik river
Over 1,000 flights conducted with over 729 patients given access to hospital care
thousands of lives saved by helping to stop outbreaks of cholera and whooping cough
Top: Our missionaries visit a young patient with broken femurs in the hospital. Middle: Both floatplanes make a medicine delivery to a remote village. Bottom: Our Medical Director prays with a patient.

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(970) 249-4341


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