We begin with the car from the last music video, broken down in the desert, Justin and Sally are outside of the car at sunrise while smoke is coming from the engine. They are pissed at each other. Sally takes off down the highway. Fade into title: WE DON'T GET HIGH ANYMORE
  • we show good and bad, in people, and in relationships, we show scenes of our actors doing things such as:
  • dancing in a room listening to records, jumping on couches, having fun, basically giving the impression that they are high. could be high on drugs, could be high on love, we never really say.
  • dancing scene ends with them laying on the floor head to head (Req. for a Dream)
  • we will show Sally in a pink room starring at the camera, and justin in a blue room, and switch back and forth. We will also do weird glitches showing fucked up versions of them being quickly spliced in (running makeup, sunken cheeks)
  • these will be each characters "solo shots" basically and we will cover some other emotions to splice in.
color inspiration for that scene.
  • we will show a chaotic club scene, and both characters screaming at each other trying to communicate.
inspiration for club scene, but ours will look crazier
  • We will show the characters covering each other with toilet paper. they will turn into mummies and walk around in public or go to a gas station or do other goofy shit.
  • mummy people walking through a gold course or a park while colored smoke bombs go off. itll look sweeeet -trust me on this mummy shit. haha
  • performance scenes will have a 3D glasses kind of vibe. lots of reds and blues and maybe even some weird kaleidoscope stuff

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