Wild Horses Elli Henderson/Q4 book project

WIld Horses

-There are all different types of horses , but the only kind of horses i m telling you about is wild horses.


-These are wild horses that usually rome around unusual places where no one can find them.These horse are very crazy so if you see one and walk up to it then be careful.


-My topic is on wild horses.Wild horses have all different types of breeds.There is paint , appaloosa , bays , and much more types also.These horses are crazy so you could risk your life in a heartbeat walking up to it just to pet it.That would be a bad choice.


These horses are usually in places that are warm and sometimes cold.Most of these horses were really wild which meant if some e was to walk up to them then they would probably freak out and go crazy.Most of these horses are like in the woodlands , go through swamps , and sometimes they are found in the cold mountains.Most f these horses are not very friendly , so that means if you walk up to one then you better watch out because their is no telling what that horse might do.


These horses came from a long time ago.People used these horses back in the day to tote things like there food and water and there supplies.Sometimes if the people were valuable enough the horses would carry their sleeping supplies.They also had theses horses in a lot of movies so if you have seen a lot of old country movies then you might no what a wild horse is and what they were used for.


This topic is important because these horse were used for a very good reason.These horses were very important because they were used to tote supplies , food , and water in the olden days for the people who could not carry all the stuff that they needed to carry.

I(My Opinon)

In my opinion wild horses are very cool.Wild horses sometimes can be very dangerous , but most of the horses are ok.I like wild horses because they are really cool and have a lot of interesting facts about them.The reason why I chose this book is because I ride horses and I know a lot about horses.That is the reason why I chose this book.Horses are the best.

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