Welding Safety Do or die

There are many different aspects that make up welding safety.

Knowing welding safety is critical when working in the shop. You need to know how to operate equipment, keep the floor clean, and what to wear. PPE (or personal protective equipment) is what we will be focusing on today. What kinds of things do you think make up PPE?

Here are the basic equipment that is needed during welding. Some of these may not always be used in our shop, like respirators and ear protection.

Don't believe me still? Did you know that PPE is a law? Not following guidelines set, you could get fined, or worse!

Is this proper PPE?

NO! For starters, he is not wearing a proper helmet. It would also appear that those shades aren't ANSI Z87. He also has skin showing on his cuffs. He should have his shirt buttoned up all the way, and be covering his head with a helmet or a cap.

Is this proper PPE?

YES! He is wearing a jacket and gloves that cover all skin. He is also wearing safety glasses and has a proper welding helmet. He is wearing closed-toed shoes.

Still have questions? Check out the next link of FAQ from Lincoln Electric.

When in doubt, ASK! See you in the shop next week!

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