War and the Economy By Andrew Hunt

The unrest in the middle east has been going on for as long as many people can remember

According to the world bank, because of the effects of war in Saudi Arabia into neighboring countries the U.S. has spent around 35 billion dollars on refugees, housing, health, energy, water, sanitation, transport, and agriculture in waring countries and countries that have been impacted by the wars. Also the world bank stated that countries bordering those countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and Turkey have sustained lots of economic and budgetary pressure

With more than 630,00 refugees Jordan has spent about 2.5billon dollars

630,00 refugees fleeing countries in war have cost jordan alone 2.5billion

oil per barrel costs an average of 54$ per barrel currently America buys around 1 million barrels per day.Saudi Arabia and Iran have some of the most oil reserves in the world. With all of the wars in the middle east it has been predicted that the price per barrel could sour to $250 per barrel that would be two hundred fifty million dollars being spent on oil a day.

War in the middle east could and will have a major effect on the economy and if it is not stoped oil prices and taxes will fly. we must take stride to bring peace to the middle east before it has a bigger effect on the world


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