Castle Race noble conspirators and one traitor

Castle Rače was the location where Ivan Erasmus Tattenbach and two other noble conspirators ban Petar Zrinski and Franjo Krsto Frankopan from Croatia signed document of the conspiracy against the Emperor Leopold the 1th of Habsburg in year 1668. The conspirators resented Emperor to signed shameful peace treaty of Vasvár in 1664 with Ottomans. He adopted such conditions as the Turks were the winners and they retain territories they had before the war. Count Tattenbach also resented Emperor that he limited Slovenians in use of Slovenian language.

Count Ivan Erazem Tattenbach

Styria governor, the owner of this castle. He was the real representative of Slovene native people – he was honest, person of cheerful disposition, he like to enjoy life in every way, for example he loves beautiful women, like beautiful girl from neighborhood Maria

She was the young girl, daughter of castles winegrower. Ivan also likes good wine from vineyards nearby in hilly area. He also had very beautiful and clever mistress
Countess Ana Katarina Zrinski

is bron into the Frankopan family. She married count Peter Zrinski 1641. She is a patron of the arts, writer and patriot. Her husband Zrinski is not very sad that Katarina traveled from Zagreb to Rače to meet her lover, Count Tattenbach to prepare the conspiracy.

Count Petar Zrinski

a Croatian noleand writerHis family possessed large estates in Croatia and had family ties with the second largest Croatian landowners, the Frankopan family. He married Ana Katarina, the half-sister of Franjo Krsto Frankopan.

Fran Krsto Frankopan

was a Croatian baroque poet, nobleman and politician in the 17th century. He was a member of the important and known Croatian noble family.

Baltazar Riebel

he was a scribe of the castle and count Tattenbach's friend. He was in love story with young girl from castle neighborhood, Maria. When he discovered that Count Tattenbach fancied Maria, he sworn to revenge him.


There is conspiracy letter hidden somewhere in the castle. The conspiracy failed, because he traitor was involved in writing of the Conspiracy letter.

The story ended tragically. One evening few days before the start of the uprising Tattenbach and his horse keeper ride back from dinner in vineyard. As Tattenbach loved wine, he spoke too much. He told the horse keeper the story about plotting conspiracy. After that Tattenbach went to sleep. The traitor ride immediately to Maribor to informed the court district and uncovered a conspiracy. All conspirators were executed.

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