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Location description

It is an island located in the continent of asia. Japan covers 364,485 square kilometers. Japan is the 62nd largest nation in the world. It is located east of china and is located in the pacific ocean.

Major Cities

Some of Japan's biggest cities are Yokohama with a population of 3,574,445, Osaka with a population of 2,592,413, and Nagoya with a population of 2,191,279.


The capital of Japan is Tokyo. Over the years the capital has been in other locations. Tokyo is near mount fuji. The capital was in Kyoto but then it was moved to tokyo after 1868.


Japan's climate varies depending on the region. Most of the region though, including Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, has a humid subtropical climate. It also has a humid continental climate in the north. As well as a tropical rainforest climate in the south.

Typical plant life

More than 17,000 species of plants are found in Japan. The Azaleas bloom across the hills in Japan in April and it is one of the most popular flower. The lotus blooms in August and is one of the most celebrated in Japanese festivals.

Typical animal life

Japan has 140 species of mammals, 450 species of birds, and many different species of reptiles, amphibians, and fish. Some types of mammals are boar, deer, rabbits, foxes, and bears. The most common birds are sparrows, house swallows, and thrushes. Water birds are also common and these include cranes, herons, and swans.


The population of Japan is 126,981,000 at the end of 2015. This was a decrease compared to the population of Japan in 2014.

Major agricultural products

Japans main product is rice. Moat rice that is eaten in japan was grown there. Since japan has little arable land compared to its population it can not grow enough food like wheat, soybeans, and other major crops to feed its people.

Natural resources

Japan has very little natural resources due to the fact that it has little land space. Japans limited natural resources include fish, coal, natural gas and oil.


Japans industry includes automobiles, consumer electronics, computers, semiconductors, copper, iron, steel, and fishing. Japans manufacturing industry is heavily dependent on imports.

geographic features

Japan has many features that make it unique. Some feature are the Japanese Alps, the Biwa river, and the Inawashiro river.

The Japanese Alps

They are a series of mountain ranges that divide the main island of Honshu in two. It has several peaks that rise over 3000 meters. It also has some of the tallest mountains in japan after Mount. Fuji.

The Biwa lake

It is the largest freshwater lake in Japan. It is located in Mid-west Honshu. It is also northeast of the former capital of Kyoto. Because it is so close to this ancient city it is mentioned in many Japanese writings.

Mount. Fuji

It is located on Honshu island and is the highest mountain in Japan. It is also an active volcano that last erupted in 1707. It is 3,776 meters high.

Tourist Attractions

Japan is one of the most popular travel places in the world. Some tourist attractions that are there are the Tokyo Imperial palace, Tokyo Tower, Todaiji temple, and The Great Buddha of Kamakura.

Tokyo Imperial Palace

The Emperor of Japan lived in this palace. It also serves as a museum to show case Japanese art and culture. The palace is set on the ruins of an old castle that was burned down.

Tokyo tower

The tower is a testament to the advancement of technology and modern life. It was inspired by the Eiffel tower design. It is the second largest man made structure in Japan.

Todaiji tower

It is located in Nara and is an engineering feat. It is the worlds largest wooden building and it is home to the largest Buddha statue. The Kegon school of Buddhism is centered here.

The Great Buddha of Kamakura

It is a outdoor representation of Amida Buddha, one of Japan's most celebrated Buddhist figures. The statue reportedly dates back to 1252. The statue was in a wooden temple but that was washed away by a tsunami in the 15th century.


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