The Hunger Games "Happy Hunger Games"

Katniss Everdeen

"I volunteer as tribute!"

Hi, my name is Katniss Everdeen and I’m a sixteen year old girl from poor District 12. I live in the Seam with my sister Primrose and my mother. My father died in a coal mine explosion when I was only 11 years old. Everyday, I hang out with my best friend Gale to collect food for both of our families. I have recently volunteered to compete in the 74th Hunger Games to save my sister. I wouldn’t be here today, if Peeta didn’t give me burnt bread when I was five.

“No, Peeta, she’s is your kill, not Cato’s.” Me and Peeta were gathering some food when he wandered off because he found some berries down near the stream. When he had wandered off I had know idea where he was until I almost shot an arrow through his heart. I was so mad at him that I was yelling at him very loudly not caring who heard me. I was accusing him of eating the food without me. He was claiming he didn’t eat the food but I knew he was lying, a boy who grew up well fed will never understand what it means to be hungry. He handed me some berries and they looked fine until my father's voice popped up into my head telling me the berries were nightlock. Nightlock, are very poisonous berries that kill you before they reach your stomach. I was about to swallow the berries until I noticed the hovercraft carrying Foxface. I yelled at Peeta to climb up into a tree since it would be better to have the high ground against Cato. But there was nothing there, and that’s when I realized what happened! Foxface had used her speed to grab our food and get out of there before we noticed. But when she ate the berries, she died before they could reach her stomach. I took me a while to explain to Peeta what happened but eventually, he understood. He tried to apologize about the mix up on the berries but I refused him to do that. Not because it was one less competitor away from District 12 but, also because I should’ve been apologizing to him for yelling at him. I feel like an idiot!

My most favorite thing to do is do some target practice with my bow and arrow that my father made for me. I am a very good at trading and provide good food for my family. I love hanging out with my best friend Gale and my sister Prim.

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Nicholas Mercer


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