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The Center for Arts and Design Pedagogy (C-PAD) is a cross-disciplinary center whose goal is to advance arts and design pedagogies, research, and professional development applicable to learning and teaching in all disciplines.

It serves as a nexus for scholars, artists, designers, practitioners and community members who share a common interest in learning and teaching through the arts.

C-PAD is a partnership between the College of Arts and Architecture and Teaching and Learning with Technology at Penn State (TLT).

C-PAD Activities

1. Series & Workshops

2. Projects & Research

3. New Faculty Mentoring

4. Faculty Support

5. A&A Educational Practices

6. C-PAD Teaching Lab

C-PAD series & workshops

1. Series & Workshops

Arts Pedagogy Research Workshops: Internal Penn State Funding/Grants Informational Session, Innovators Brown Bag, Innovators Lecture

Promotion and Tenure Workshops: P&T Workshop, Writing Your Narrative Statement, Activity Insight

Teaching and Learning Workshops: New Technology and Tools for Teaching, Course Syllabus Boot Camp

"I could just about ball my eyes out regarding how this week went....with joy! Ball my eyes out with joy! I am having a completely different experience and I actually got so excited today when I think I may have helped a student have a break through. I cannot thank you enough. Seriously."

Women in Leadership Gatherings: A series on women in leadership presented by Dean Korner

Keep Calm and Carry On Workshop Series:  A series that will launch in the spring of workshop to encourage mental health and wellness among A&A faculty

C-PAD Projects & Research

2. Projects & Research

We love to collaborate in art making, performance, community projects. and research projects.

Collaborative - Exploratory - Funded

Drawdown: The World I Want to See was a collaboration with the Institute for Energy and the Environment. Included an original script composed by young Drawdown researchers led by Susan Russell and an original score by music education graduate student Anne Marie Hildebrandt. Performance by the Penn State Concert Choir led by Chris Kiver, the Foxdale Village Chorus led by Ann Clements, and Roots of Life led by Kikora Franklin. Lighting by Ken Freidoff, sonifications by Mark Ballora, and sound by Dominic Geleskie. $25,000

Results Will Vary* with New Student Orientation and Undergraduate Education is an interactive, student written musical theater production that is now required viewing for every incoming Univ. Park freshman. This show is directed by Austin Ayers in Theater and it employees 10 musical theater students for 10-weeks during the summer (over 45 performances).


The Moral Moments Project shows that all communities can be defined by four pillars of cultural construction: morals, ethics, action, and faith. Supported by these pillars, Moral Moments (MM) is an open conversation rooted in storytelling that nourishes decision-making and question-asking. Influenced by current events, this conversation is guided by revolving problems and possibilities. The current conversation explores the problems of racial bias, violence against women, and poverty alongside the possibilities of community building and peace.

Good Memories Chorus is a new community chorus that serves people who are in early or middle stages Alzheimer's disease or dementia and their caretakers. This choir also includes Penn State student and faulty volunteers from the School of Music and University Park College of Medicine.



New Faculty Orientation

Monthly Mentors Email

In This Together (ITT) for New Faculty



Discovery Grants (up to $700) & Innovator-in-Residence ($2,000 over two years)

In 2018-19 C-PAD was able to support 17 new arts pedagogy projects and 5 continuing projects. These projects had the following goals: (1) use arts to positively affect student learning outcomes; (2) expand arts opportunities for non-majors; (3) promote course/program remodeling for A&A majors; (4) form national/international teaching and research partnerships; and (5) create new and innovative learning experience, modules, and projects on campus and in the community.

In 2018-19 C-PAD’s work has resulted in the creation of: 1 revised course (Theater) and 4 “in progress” new or revised courses; 4 peer reviewed research articles; 1 book contract and 3 book proposals; 1 research poster session (Borland Project Space); the organization and running of 3 national conferences and 1 international conference; submission of 2 internal grants (1 not funded, 1 funded $55,000); submission of 2 external grants (funded - Canadian Government with Laval $180,000 CA and Mellon with CPA $600,000); strategic goals initiative proposals support for 7 projects, 1 successful – Stephen Carpenter, SOVA; 2 keynote presentations, 26 workshop presentations, 16 research presentations/panels, K-12 and community workshops

We are currently in negotiations for permanent funding of $15,000-$20,000 for assessment and curricular development of Results Will Vary* (Internal Student Affairs);

We are seeking permanent funding through donor support.

Sample Faculty Projects: Arts and Aging Workshop Series at Juniper Village, The Moral Moments Project, Architecture Atmospheres, the Pitch Exploration Lab, the Robert Reed Drawing Workshops, the Nelken Line project, Roots of Life community workshops, Sonification and Science Pedagogy, 3D Models of Histroical Art(ifacts), OER Schema Project, Student Work in User Experience and Interface Design, Early Childhood Art Education

C-PAD Distinguished Teaching Award: presented annually to a member of the College of A&A whop has contributed significantly to the intellectual and artistic life of the College of Arts and Architecture through their teaching.

Dr. Jawaid Haider
A&A Educational Practices

5. A&A Educational Practices

Teaching Effectiveness, Evaluations, and Assessment (TEEA) with Faculty Council: In the search for a better approach to peer observation protocol we have researched tools nation-wide and across Penn State.

In the spring of 2019 we used a modified COPUS evaluation tool (created by TLT) to observe arts teaching. 

This fall we have utilized the Collaborative Reflection Model (Fletcher, 2017) to observe in SOVA and Music. Pre-observation meeting - Observation - Post-observation meeting

Desire for C-PAD to create an trained team of observers who will volunteer their time energy and efforts to observations across the college.

C-PAD Teaching Lab

6. C-PAD Teaching Lab

Sate-of-the-art teaching laboratory designed specifically for the arts and design.

Contains: 1 large projector, 4 short throw smart projectors, a wall mounted 5 foot touch screen monitor, Solstice on every projector and monitor, Meyer sound system, 32 near-full-spectrum theatrical lights, floor-to-ceiling whiteboards, flexible furniture with writeable tabletops, 2 motion sensing cameras, 2 ceiling microphones, magnetic sound dampening tiles for whiteboards, a dance floor, and an observation room which is also C-PAD's office.

Available everyday except when Graphic Design classes are scheduled in the space (T/R).

How can we help?

Additional ways we are of service to the units:

Assessment of arts impact and educational components within research projects and grants.

The creation, organization, and managing of large multidisciplinary arts and design projects.

Monitorship of existing faculty who need additional assistance.

Assistance with peer observation across the college.

Creation of professional development workshops specific to your area's needs.

Building partnerships with local schools and community groups.

Thank you!


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