what do YOU believe? (by Mr. Brennan )

Everybody love animals...

Logic CAN help us answer these important questions:

How did this happen?

Think of a crime scene. Science can tell us how the sun appears to rising and setting, even though it is the earth that is really spinning.

Who did it?

Science, reason and logic can look at the evidence and tell us who or what may be responsible for an action. For example, it can tell us that the sun is responsible for photosythesis.

Logic (science) CANNOT help us understand one very important question:


Why do we feel happy or warm inside when we see the sun setting over the ocean?

Logic cannot tell us the meaning of things.

*Yes science does explain our "warm" feelings at seeing a sunset as a chemical reaction in our brain, but most of us do not find satisfaction with a purely naturalistic explanation for the world.

Add other topics in each section.

Use photo backgrounds that relate to your topic/theme.

Take the following QUIZ based on the section above.


Created with images by Unsplash - "isolate top mountains" • Gellinger - "gorilla monkey ape" • Chiemsee2016 - "puppy golden retriever dog" • watts_photos - "gold fish goldfish aquarium" • DanielBrachlow - "cat domestic cat young cat" • Shingo_Nono - "sunset sun landscape" • pimpelucha - "meadow web sunset" • arnaud radigue - "Sunset" • Launchyourgenius - "Rain drops on my garden!" • Larisa-K - "forest pond water" • Heliophiliac, sentimental, nostalgic. - "Rain"

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