Pawel Kuczynski bOrn in Szczecin, Poland in 1976. He graduated from the Academy of fine arts and won more than 100 awards for his work.

I have chosen this artwork to review because I think it really speaks to the gap between classes in our world. The man in the higher class has the privilege to bathe in water for fun, he is relaxing, enjoying a drink and polluting the air with a cigar. He only sees what is around him, never looks down to see where the things he has comes from. The man in the lower class will cherish any drop of water he can find and not even drink it himself. This man is way more in need of water than the other man yet gives it to him. While living in a desert the lower class man gives the water to a tree in order to give the man in the higher class what he wants. This is not okay.

This impacts me because I understand the importance of water, I am someone who needs to drink lots of water in a day as I get dehydrated easily. I have had experiences where I felt sick to my stomach or was close to passing out if I did not drink water soon. Water is very important to me, I can almost always be found with a water bottle near by. I understand the importance of water so that thought of people without water saddens me a lot and even worse that they will give up their water to make a rich man happy. They will give up what they need to survive! A human can go weeks without food but can only go a couple days without water.

This artist is very good at portraying issues in our world through these paintings. He has many others like this and I hope he continues to make more. This one specifically hits home for me and I hope to help the issue throughout my life.


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