Ian P. Ian's 6th month anniversary project

Ian started riding bikes at the age of four. As our dad, Stuart, put it: "Ian taught himself how to ride a bike - it was freaky. He was riding around our driveway, and all the neighborhood kids came over to watch. 'Look at that little kid riding his bike!'" Five years later, when he was nine, he started BMX. At 18, he purchased the bike pictured here. He loved riding, although he eventually abandoned in it favor of running.
Most of Ian's hats. He was a fan of baseball caps, as you can see. He wore one almost every time we saw him. He also had a ski cap which he liked and wore often. I stole one of his hats as a memento, it's on my bedside table.
Ian's urn and his favorite watch. December 18, 1995 - December 16, 2015. Just two days before his 20th birthday and our father's 47th. They were planning on going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in a theater together (we went to see it together instead).
Ian's favorite books (taken from his Goodreads account). From top to bottom: John Steinbeck - The Pearl; Ray Bradbury - Fahrenheit 451; Orson Scott Card - Ender's Game; George Orwell - Animal Farm; Fyodor Dostoyevsky - Notes from Underground; Alan Sillitoe - The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner; Bret Easton Ellis - Less Than Zero; Aldous Huxley - Brave New World; Bret Easton Ellis - American Psycho; Scott Turow - Presumed Innocent; Douglas Adams - The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (all 5 books in one).
The birthday gifts meant for Ian that he never got to open. From Mom and Dad, a Phoenix Suns jersey that he requested and Portal bookends. He loved the Phoenix Suns (his friend Matt later told us that his favorite player was Brandon Knight), and we watched part of a game as a family the last day we saw him. From me (his sister), the books "John Dies at the End" and "This Book is Full of Spiders." I wasn't sure what to get him, since he's such a pain to buy for (he's rich), so I was really looking forward to seeing what he thought of these. I read them after and actually quite liked them, even though they are very dirty!
Ian's gifts to his family that he never got to give us. (Since our mom's birthday was the last time we saw him, he gave her gift to her then in person) For Dad, the "Art of Naughty Dog" book, because our dad loves the Jak and Daxter series (we named our dog Daxter, and it is literally the only video game he will play), and the yellow T-Shirt. For his little sister (me), The Sims 4 (I already owned this, but Origin was giving me trouble and I couldn't install it. Unfortunately the disk didn't work either, but it was so sweet of him!), Super Smash Bros 4 (he also gave me the original for the Nintendo 64 along with the console itself, so thanks to him I own every single edition of this game!), and The Martian (I'm not 100% sure it was for me, but I read it and loved it anyway.)
Ian loved cars. His most beloved was probably his very first car, one he bought and paid for himself, his blue Nissan Z-Top, referred to as his "Z." His second car was a horrible BMW that eventually fell apart. It was followed by a Mazda Miata, a purchase made possibly by help from his uncle, Jim. Finally, his most recent car was a Mazda 3, which our father, Stuart, now drives in his honor. The license plate on his Mazda 3 was "GED LOL," a cheerful rebellion against the traditional education path, and a great example of his sense of humor.
Ian started programming at age 7, and was creating real programs at age 9. Three years later, he passed an online test to prove he could program professionally. When he was 16, he signed a contract written by our mother stating that he would apply to the company Axosoft or the men's suit store if she would buy him a diet soda. He put in his application to Axosoft a few days later, passed multiple interviews, and was offered the internship, designed for college students. From there, he went to community college and worked part time for Benerino Studios at Gangplank, then was offered a full-time position at Axosoft. He accepted and rented an apartment in Scottsdale at 17 years old. Ultimately he was lured back to Gangplank, this time working for HiringSolved, and got a new apartment in Phoenix.
We've done the JDRF "walk for Diabetes" every year since Ian was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 5. In the beginning, he was very proud of the fundraising we did and was optimistic about a future cure for the disease...but as the years went on with little progress, he became disillusioned with the process. Despite this, he never missed a walk, happy to support others and proud of his 14 year streak. This year would have been his 15th.
Baby Ian (my mother made me add this). He was born one day shy of being declared a "preemie," skinny, blue, and screaming. He fattened up nicely within a few months and was a cheerful, happy baby who attracted attention everywhere he went. However, within a few years he reverted back to his skinny, screaming state. (Kidding, kidding.)
The things Ian wanted to accomplish by his 20th birthday. As you can see, he did them all, even his "stretch goal."
This picture was taken on Christmas 2014, our last Christmas together. Ian had gotten the trike and we were playing with it at the park, having a great time.
Ian loved going to concerts, especially heavy metal (like Megadeth). Although he loved heavy metal, he also enjoyed programming while listening to classical.
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