Downy Woodpecker "Making a nest"

What is all that noise?

Where is the noise coming from?
Notice the little face poking out.
Earlier in the week I noticed this little woodpecker chasing away the larger red headed woodpecker from a suet feeder. I now know, she/he had a nesting location in mind.
Watching for it to pop back out again.
Is it the male or the female that does the carpentry work on this nest build?
Cleaning out wood chips
As soon as the pecking stopped the little guy started cleaning out all the wood chips. If you look again at the branch the woodpecker chose, you can see how it made sure to have a roof as well as a close food supply.
Male or female, this is a hard working bird! I always thought the holes in trees were made when the woodpeckers were looking for bugs.
I love the ingenuity of nature and making sure I take the time to notice.
"That's all Folks".

Looks like it's saying..........................

"That's all folks".

I'll be awaiting the Downy Family.

"I'm so happy to be entertained by the simple things in life."


Anna Sarich - Creative Concept, Deltona Fl.

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