Benjamin Franklin Jose mendez

I am resarching Benjamin Farnklin.Benjamin was inspired by the future.Franklin is famous for his many inventions.

Franklin had many problems but one of them was that he was tired of switching glasses to see far and to see close so he invented the bifocals.

Benjamin's childhood was por.

Franklin was interesting because he invented things that the world needed like the Lightning rod.

Some words to describe Benjamin Franklin is creative,curios and proud of him self.

Franklin was born in Boston in 1706.

One important thing that Benjamin Franklin did is he inventid the log arm for people that are very short.

Franklin was important because he did inventions.

There are 3 cool facts about Benjamin Franklin number 1 people made a monument of Benjamin Franklin number 2 he is in the 100 bill number 1 he starred school at age 8 and finish school at age 10 to help his dad to do chors in the house.

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