Sharing for Life sustainable development of the village Mlingotini in Tanzania

The organization Sharing for Life was created in 2015 on the initiative of Solfrid Gjengset. The organization is registered in the Norwegian Register of Voluntary Organisations and have the id number: 916290136.

Sharing for life is politically and religiously neutral.


Sharing of life shall respect local culture and values and contribute to sustainable development of the village Mlingotini in Tanzania -with special focus on the local school and health.

BACKGROUND: Before the organization was formally initiated, the hotel Bomani Beach owned by Solfrid did a lot of relief work that has also been supported by hotel guests. However, there was a need to separate relief efforts from hotel operations, not least because of the requirements for such an organization andthe official registration in the Norwegian Register of Voluntary Organisations

Solfrid Gjengset, initiator and owner of the hotel Bomani Beach

Since its establishment, the organization has received funds from various contributors and has completed a number of projects. One of the major and important projects that have stood a bit on hold is the rehabilitation of the school. Parts of the building is no longer possible to use for school purposes, and that means that some classes have up to 80 students in the same classroom. There is a total of 450 students and 11 teachers of the school.

Sharing for Life now wants to make an effort to implement this renovation, but it also follows several tasks with this project as the infrastructure is not yet suitable for such a project. We have held meetings with the school principal and the school board who has been coming with their priority wishes

Rektor ved Primary School i Mlingotini

We've got a local resource - Mr.Kamotta to act as project coordinator in addition to beeing a building technical and financial advisor for the project. He has extensive experience as a principal at a fisheries school a few kilometers further north. He came in as principal after the school originally built by Norad had lain down with considerable problems for a few years. His work to bring the school into the current state witnesses of great craftsmanship and, not least, a local knowledge of how such projects should be managed with a backdrop of laws, regulations and the local population's culture and values..

Mr. Kamutta - the principal at FETA Fishery-school
Project activities to be implemented are:

Build and improve road from the City hall to the primary school to be able to transport building materials to the building site

Water to the building site and school

Electricity to the building site and school

Toilets for use at school

Renovation of buildings

Fence around the schoolyard to prevent passage of vehicles

In addition to the improvement of the purely physical environment, we have together with the principal agreed that an upgrade of the teaching staff is important - and we have a desire to offer them an English course for teachers and a program for teacher exchange / friendship school in Norway for inspiration and knowledge transfer.
There are almost an infinite number of other requirements that will be a Phase 2 - depending on available funds. It is also important to set aside and collect funds for ongoing maintenance as there is excessive wear in school and a challenging climate for both metal, wood and concrete because the village is located near the sea.

Here you can read about what Sharing for Life has done so far:

  1. Desks for all: In 2007, 90 students desks was purchased so noone had to sit on the sand floor - thanks to generous hotel guests.
  2. Cultural Exchange: A school class in Norway were pen pals with a class in the village. Pictures of children playing in the snow made sense and it was a mutual glimpse into an unknown world
  3. Initiated and continues to support preschool (5-6 year olds)
  4. Classroom for preschool were worn down and the kids sat right on the sand. Thanks to hotel guests with big heartthe room was renovated and furniture was purchased - and even got door and windows!
  5. Preschool - There is a desire that kids can go to preschool 1-2 years before they start the regular schooling. Parents must pay teacher salaries -it amounts to 2000 TZS month pr. child(about 1.2 dollars) For those who can not afford this, the organization pays half of the parents amount and the preschool teacher also receive a fixed amount in addition to the parental contribution. It is therefore important to have contribution donors who can help with set amounts.
  6. Sharing for Life has upgraded the teachers room with new furniture
  7. Headmasters office is renovated with funds from the Fund
  8. It's built a house for teachers which was almost completed by the village management. To finalize the building Sharing for life supplied the remaining funds.
  9. Women at Work - By helping women earn their own money to ensure that revenues are coming the families for good. Sharing for Life has given several women the opportunity to start income-generating work such as baking bread, agriculture, thrift store, perfumery and dressmaking.


We get experiences along the way and see that it is important to make good agreements securing the initiatives. An initiative was dissolved because a landlord demanded more rent when he realized that the women earned good money.

Therefore Sharing for Life now have started to enter as a tenant on behalf of those we are supporting with a written agreement that we have designed. We have also made an agreement with the women that equipment that we buy stay our property so that it is returned to the Sharing for Life organisation if the initiative for some reason ceases.

Sharing of life considering building a separate building with frames that can be used by our projects, but it has not yet priority.

The picture show a half-finished building with frames - Building is begun and when the available funds are used- the building work stops until more money appears..... Therefore, development and construction take up to several years.


  • Coastal and farmland 56 km north of Dar es Salaam and 15km south of Bagamoyo
  • The village consists of simple houses built of clay or brick houses,. Flooring is usually sand or soil, a few have electricity. Meals are cooked outdoors over an open fire or stoves with charcoal. The windows have no glass, and the roofs are of makuti - coconut palm leaves
  • 3000 inhabitants with a basic health clinic and several mosques
  • The main income comes from fishing and agriculture, there are a few simple business, "bars and restaurants".
  • Council House
  • School with about 450 students.
  • Culture: There are some local cinemas consisting of a television and a VCR. There is a local band that plays Afro Jazz - self-taught and partly homemade instruments. Mlingotini Sanaa Group - Traditional dance and song has become very skilled and performs regularly in hotel Bomani Beach.
  • Tourism: There is only one hotel - Bomani Beach Bungalows
  • Infrastructure: The area north of Dar es Salaam is under development, and there are plans to improve the road link between Dar es Salaam and Bagamoyo further. There has also been talk of constructing a deepwater port north of Mlingotini. Mobile operators battle for customers has made communication better in recent years, and it is hoped that this will continue so that telecommunications can be more in use.

It is increasingly political shifts that make it uncertain how the development will develop, and initiatives taken by a head of state can often get very different priority under another political control. The framework conditions for business life is also constantly changing, and although it's been taken actions to stop corruption, there are still many people requiring additional remuneration for performing their regular job - in all strata of society.

Sharing for Life has a zero tolerance for corruption
Thanks a lot for your support right now: Account number: 2801 40 2832 Account name: SHARING FOR LIFE Swift: SPSONO22
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