The Athens Drive Art Courtyard Adam Shefet and Carter Toran

Carter Toran, sophomore, takes in the falling leaves of the courtyard. Trees are abundant in this courtyard/nature reserve.
Carter Toran, sophomore, enjoying the nature and art. “The courtyard is very artistic and beautiful. Through my eyes it’s one of the nicest places in the school.”
Carter Toran, sophomore, takes in his creative surroundings. The courtyard is filled with different woodwork, creations and art.
An multi-piece abstract pole/teacup holder stands tall next to the wood shop classroom and has been for years. It is one of two in the courtyard and has endured countless storms and wind conditions over the years.
Different sized wooden plant holders were hung and made by wood shop recently but are yet to have plants or flowers in them.
This pinwheel is outside of the family and consumer sciences classroom. This pin wheel is also accompanied by the abstract poles/teacup holders seen before.
An interesting metal circle with nature filled words is hung along with another one, above the koi fish pond. The words on the circle are made out of different newspaper letters and is surrounded by climbing ivy and leaves.
Carter Toran, sophomore, poses in the courtyard in front of the baby jags playground.
Old wooden benches wrap around one side of the courtyard. They are built under multiple birdhouses and picture frames hanging from surrounding tree branches.
A broken stone with gears and leaves painted onto it is located on the pathway to the art room. It is one of many stones and is covered by shrubbery from above.


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