Whitkirk News! 20th November 2020

A message from Mrs Stout

This has been a difficult week both in school and out so we are hugely grateful for people’s positivity and thanks for the job we are doing. We do understand that everything is so much harder and likely to remain so and this means that your understanding and patience is appreciated. I also want to do a shout out not just to staff in school but to those who remain working from home and do a sterling job. We do connect as key stages each Thursday and Friday in our celebration assemblies and I am sure many of you follow our social media platforms to keep up with what is happening in school—it is a busy place. As ever our children are the shining stars and keep the smiles on our faces when we are struggling a bit. Unfortunately, we are having to keep windows open in school - even when it is really chilly. Do send extra layers (in school colours please) in with your child to keep them warm enough to be comfortable in class. Opening windows is a health and safety directive and out of our hands. I hope you enjoy sharing a bit of school through the newsletter; do keep reading it as news of our ‘alternative Christmas’ and end of term events will appear here. Take care everyone!

United Against Bullying

There has been a real buzz around school this week. We kicked started our anti-bullying week with assemblies and odd socks! The staff and children are always looking at ways to help create an environment where all children are welcomed, happy, healthy and safe. Each year group focussed on a different key word from Special and Kindness in Reception and Key Stage 1, Friendship and Respect in LKS2 to United and Courage in Upper Key Stage 2! In Reception, the children looked at what made them special and all unique - they even had friendship tokens throughout the week! In Year 3, they made a friendship rainbow and assigned each colour a friendship quality that we like to have in our friends . In Year 5, they can’t seem to get the anthem ‘If the kids... are united, then we’ll never... be divided!’ out of their heads and you'll never guess, the waterworks began again for the teachers in Year 5, after hearing so many fantastic poems titled 'I'll be there for you!' In Year 6, the children were inspired by the fantastic work of Charlie Mackesy and used his books as inspiration (and Mr Hanson's fantastic sketches... thank you!) they created powerful and mature quotes and looked at the role of the bystander. Whitkirk are so lucky to have so many lovely, little hearts, who use their voice to speak out, choose to be kind and stand united against bullying. We have never felt so proud of you all-a huge well done to everyone!

As always, please speak to your child about the learning that has taken place this anti-bullying week (can they tell you what S.T.O.P. means!?). If you would like to speak to someone further about any issues raised, please don't hesitate to contact your child's class teacher. Some useful websites are listed below too! Anti-Bullying Alliance: www.anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk Beat Bullying: www.beatbullying.org Childline: www.childline.org.uk

Christmas Cards:

Please remember to view your child's specially drawn artwork at www.christmascardsforschools.co.uk/gallery/php. All orders and money (ideally cheques) must be returned to school by Monday 23rd November. Please accept the PTA's apologises for the short timescale...Christmas is fast approaching! Ho, Ho, Ho!

Parents Evening

You should have received a letter this week with regards to Parents' Evenings. We have trialled online booking. If you do have any problems or difficulty accessing this, please contact Mrs Campbell in the school office who will be happy to help (please note that Mrs Campbell's working days are Wednesday to Friday).

Let's see what our classes have been up to this week:


This week for anti-bullying week we discussed what makes a good friend and how we can celebrate kindness. Every time we spotted someone listening, sharing, being kind or helpful we gave them a friendship token. We managed to collect lots of tokens between us! We have also been looking at the story The Gruffalo. In the mud kitchen we have been making owl ice-cream, we made Gruffalo crumble and also created and described a new terrible creature to in the story. We even found a strange footprint and made predictions to who it could belong to!


Year 1KD - This week has been another busy week! In RE, we have been learning about Diwali and how it is celebrated. We made lanterns and learnt about the story Rana and Sita. In Science, we have been learning how we develop as we age - from babies all the way through to late adulthood. We have been learning to add by counting on in Maths, counting from the first given number instead of 1. We have used this skill to solve some tricky word problems.

Year 1/2JL - This week, for our home learning we were inspired by World Science Day! Taking what we had discussed in school about how we change and grow, with our grown ups at home, we compared ourselves as babies to now as children. We found that we are now able to do lots more than what we could once do! We are becoming more independent each day and less dependent on our grown ups. Miss Lynch was super proud of our home learning! In maths, we have been working hard to solve missing number problems. We explored finding a missing part of a whole. We worked practically with bar models and counters to count on to find the missing part!

Year 2 have worked so hard this week as we have had our Maths and Reading assessments and Mrs Williams is so proud how all the children tried their best! We had fun researching the human life story and life cycle. We found out about different stages in the human life and talked about as we grow we become more independent. Well done for a super week Year 2!

Year 3:

We have had another busy week in year 3 this week! We made friendship wristbands and a class friendship rainbow as part of Anti-Bullying week with each colour representing a different quality of a good friend. In Science we made our own windmills to test the impact the length of the blades has on the speed it moves. Everyone demonstrated such impressive team work! In English we continued our Iron Man story. The finished Iron Man character descriptions were fantastic and we also began to look at subordinate clauses! Finally, in D&T we started to make our own pneumatic toys! We can’t wait to see the finished results! There are so many creative designs.

Year 4:

We have had another amazing week in Year 4. We started the week with lots of colourful odd socks, to support anti-bullying week, which definitely brightened up all of our Monday mornings! In Maths, we have started our addition and subtraction unit and worked so hard on putting the digits in the correct columns and working with counters to show this visually. In History, we have looked at how the Roman Empire affected different people by becoming real-life Roman and Celtic characters; we had some brilliant impressions of Milo, our Roman soldier. Finally, in English, we've been planning a formal letter based on something that we'd like to change in school. Some of our proposals included a giant swimming pool, a games room, replacing the stairs with slides and even a school dog! Fingers crossed that the School Council and Mrs Stout will consider some of our ideas!

Year 5:

Y5 ZI Life is like gymnastics- it’s better if you’re flexible (perhaps not as flexible as Robyn though). Year 5ZI have clearly demonstrated that whilst we can’t control what happens, we can control how we respond and that’s exactly what we did! The entire class has had an epic two weeks (of remote learning) filled with smiles, cats, back flips and plenty of odd socks! We are all so proud of our learning over the past few days, our achievements and our friends for waking up, wearing their school uniform and learning how to change the background on TEAMs (this last one was a real light bulb moment!).

Y5PG - We kicked off our week by showing off our odd socks! We had dots, stripes, stars and even Santa made an appearance! We discussed why odd socks raise awareness, looked at all the different roles a person can play in 'bullying', discussed what role we will play in our school and based our own work around our key word 'united'. This led us onto creating our own poem based on our school Whitkirk being a welcoming and friendly place where we say no to bullies and created our own kindness trees. Our favourite quote this week has been 'If the kids are united, we will never be divided'. Lots and lots of dojos have been awarded for friendship this week, look out for these super role models on the playground. Well done 5PG!

Year 6:

What a captivating week for Year 6! We have drawn into the life and experiences of Anne Frank as we track the day that the family went into hiding. We have thought so sensitively about how the Franks must have felt on that first fateful day; our writing is brimful of feelings and emotions that portray her experiences! We are extremely proud this week! To compliment our focus on Anne Frank, we have learned even more about the Holocaust this week as part of our 'What was life really like in World War 2?' topic. We were blown away by the experiences of Jewish people at the time and were desperate to find out as much about their lives as possible. Our deep, critical thinking has also infused into our learning about Anti-Bullying week. We have all made incredible statements about everyone's rights to be happy and have beautifully outlined how they can help to resolve bullying. Our highlight however was our focus on courage. We are so proud that we have the courage to stand up to bullying and have created stunning artwork to reflect that. Watch out for our incredible showstoppers in the corridors!

Star of the Week

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We hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Keep safe!

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