MAPS newsletter 6 DEcember 2019

Well done to our Karate Club who took their grading exams last weekend. A Full 100% pass rate. Very impressive!

1pm Monday 9th December Carol Service at St Matthews Church. Parents welcome. Years 3 in attendance along with the Choir. It should be a lovely service - do come along and get in the festive spirit. If you are able to help walk the pupils from school to the Church then please let their class teacher know. Many hands make light work etc!

A storming effort from our Yr2 athletes who won the recent DRET competition. While it is great to win - it is even more pleasing to hear of their team work and support for each other during competition. Well done.

After School Clubs: A reminder that next week is the last week for clubs this term. The last day is Thursday 12th December. Please remember to pick up your children punctually during the last week at 3.30pm. And remember the last day of term (20th) ends at 1.30pm.

No choir next Monday: no more choir this term as Monday we are at St Matthews carol service at 1.30pm. Parents can attend to watch.

Inter House singing - this will take place on Thursday 19th December and will take place in House T shirts to create that sense of team spirit. Thank you to the 95% who have already got these. Please can you ensure that all pupils have a T shirt and it is in school on the day. Thank you.

Movie Night: Huge thank you's to the Friends of MAPS for their Movie Night. The fact that is was sold out shows what a popular event it was. The pupils loved it and it really got them ready for the Christmas run in the last week of term.

Parental Survey: Please can all parents fill in the short survey on line (2-3 min). This will give us vital feedback and allow us to look to improve further. Your voice really does matter. This survey closes soon - so last chance to register your voice! Thank you. www.dretparentvoice.co.uk

Dance: Fifteen of the Year 4's benefited from a fantastic session with a dance specialist at MAA this week. They learnt some new skills and they were able to plan and create a Christmas dance using a variety of movements.

We are now signed up for the Sun Books for Schools offer. Please can you collect the tokens and hand them into the office. They are in the Sun every day. We will collate them and hopefully get enough to ask for the 106 books that are on offer (£600 worth). From early phonic development to fluent reading, Collins Big Cat is a whole-school reading programme that provides complete support for primary reading. The free books included within the packs cover a diverse range of subjects from fairy tales to football, from camping to crocodiles and from wild cats to worms - there is really something for all ages and abilities.

Please remember to book your Christmas Dinner and buffet by midnight on Monday 9th December. This is via parent pay. Details have already been sent by email. Any problems contact the office.

After School Clubs for next term will go live at 8.00pm on Wednesday 11th December. Please ensure you are registered with mychildatschool.com as this is how bookings will be made going forwards. Allocations will be made on a first come first served basis. Many thanks to my staff for giving up their time willingly to provide these opportunities for the pupils.

Please can your sponsorship forms and money be handed into the office on or before Monday December 9th. Thank you

Christmas Cake Sales - Tuesday 17th

The Friends Of MAPS will be holding two Christmas Cake Sales in the Hall, one after each of the Carol Services on Tuesday the 17th.

Please donate homemade and/or shop-bought bakes'n'cakes on Monday the 16th or Tuesday the 17th. Friends and Elves Of MAPS will have a "drop-off" point at the Main Entrance, where they will eagerly collect your yummy donations from 8:20am and from 3:20pm. They even promise not to scoff the lot before the sales. Honest.

If you are planning to bake your own, please include full written details of ingredients. to help avoid allergic reactions.

Funds raised will go towards our major new target for 2020. More details on that will follow next week.

It may be cold outside, but winter needn't be the unhealthiest time of year for you and your family. Here are five ways to make sure that, even when your body is telling you to hibernate, you can keep healthy and fit, no matter what the weather's like.

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Drink more milk

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Try new activities for the whole family

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Have a hearty breakfast

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