Feudalism Project Claire Newman

Feudalism: Feudalism is the system of organization of social classes for people in the middle ages. If you are born in one of these social classes, you can not change it. These social classes are the king, noblemen and bishops, knights and nuns and monks, and servants, peasants, and soldiers.

Manor: A manor is a large plot of land where all the people live.

People Who Live on Manors










How the society groups are interdependent

All of the society groups of the feudal system are interdependent of each other for many reasons. The king and serfs rely on the knights and some of the other serfs to protect them. Everyone relies on the bishop, monks, and nuns to pray for them so that they could get to heaven. Finally everyone relies on the serfs to farm food for them.

How the feudal system affects politics

The feudal system affects politics because of being born into your social class. There is no need for politics because you would not have to elect anyone for anything. If people would normally decide to elect a king, the feudal system makes this not necessary. The kings would be decided on which people are born into the family of the king.

How the feudal system affects social structure

The feudal system affects social structure because it is a way of organizing the social classes. At the top of the social structure pyramid is the king. Right under the king are noblemen and bishops. Under the noblemen and bishops are the knights, nuns, and monks. Finally at the bottom of the pyramid are the servants, peasants, and soldiers.

How the feudal system affects the economy

The feudal system affects the economy because all the food comes from the people who are in the lowest class of the feudal system. This class is paid for this food. They are also paid to fight as soldiers in war. The knights are paid by the noblemen to protect the people and the king. The king also pays the noblemen to collect taxes and pay the knights to protect him.

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