My learning diary Administering School ICT infrastructure: developing your knowledge and skills

Module 1 :Optimising your school network

1.5 Activity 1: the educational purpose of the ICT infrastructure

Although in my school there is an ICT team of teachers , of which I am a member, there isn't a school vision for ICT yet. Projects are still designed through individual initiatives. Due to lack of specific knowledge but above all lack of internal motivation by some colleagues, ICT is not being used in different subjects.

Students have access to technology through a computer lab and through an IWB in each classroom. At the moment no BYOD practice is used. Actually, our network capacity is not always sufficient to meet current needs.

1.7 Activity 2: Upgrading the school infrastructure

Can you think of:

Ways to improve the performance of your current infrastructure? Internet connection should be improved, since it is slow and sometimes it blocks.

How you could expand the school network? I'm not an expert, so I really cannot answer this questions.

New types of devices or services you could put in place? Maybe more sophisticated internet connection and BYOD could be introduced

How to provide technical support and ensure the network performs reliably? Appointing a professional technician , possibly among teachers, who could monitor constantly the school network and intervene in case of difficulties.

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