Had a great time hanging out this morning at Crater High School! My KDRV NewsWatch 12 co-worker Cody & I offered a few tricks and tips to the awesome students who will be filming the home football games this year. Beginning on Friday when Crater Comets hosts Eagle Point Football the students will use a LIVE three camera video broadcast system (w/graphics, commercials & replay capabilities) seen on the brand new video scoreboard. This is such a unique opportunity for high school students to get hands-on video production experience! Thanks again for having us! Brian Schnee - KDRV NewsWatch Sports Anchor
Pregame preparation with the local sportscasting crew.

The ability to lead a team via headset is an incredible opportunity to learn how to effectively lead. Pictured: Jason Binkley - Game Director

Effective communication interspersed with humor makes for a great production room. Pictured: Chase Cavallaro - Game Director & Ozi Aguirre - Show Control

Teamwork, Communication and Problem Solving provide three incredible opportunities for our students to develop themselves on a class and gameday basis. Pictured: William Muroviav - Instant Replay - Tarisha Goosman - Director - Orfa Aguirre - Show Control

Can you say "SCOREBOARD?"

The community loves our board, and everyone is supportive of it and loves it. There have been parents that come up and said how much they have enjoyed it.

Jason Binkley - Visionary

" With this class so far I like what we are doing and I'm enjoying the class. Hopefully in the future we can do more reviews on toys." Oziel Aquirre - Camera 3

Luis Chaparro - Camera 2

Sam Bailey - Camera 1 - Future so bright - he's gotta wear shades.

"I am really enjoy running the equipment and learning more about something that I am interested in doing for a future career. I can't wait to see what else we will learn and what other things we will do with the new equipment!" Dustin Harris - Camera 1

Logan Millimaki - Camera 3

"I think that Daktronics has given our school an extraordinary opportunity that not many other high schools get to experience. Being given the opportunity to get hands on experience in the film industry through the video scoreboard is an amazing thing to throw on my resume and can help me further my interests in both the cinema and sports casting industry!" Daniel Coggins​

"CESPN has taught me that being a girl is hard in the work force, but very much worth it. It has taught me that there are great opportunities out there for me, but if I want them I'll have to work hard to get them -- since I am a girl." Amy Mullane - Camera 2

"Being able to use the equipment that Daktronics has provided our school has been such an amazing opportunity. Getting to learn how to do jobs that can help us in college, and potentially spark interest in a field unknown to many of us in high school. I'm grateful for what this opportunity has given me, and my peers." Tarisha Goosmann - Camera 2

"This class is a great opportunity because not many other schools get to do this. Working with this type of equipment has taught me things I never knew." Orfanel Aguirre - Camera 1
"Daktronics has given our school a unique experience that I have enjoyed immensely. Because of our work with Daktronics products, I have been given a headstart in the career I am interested in." Chase Cavallaro - Camera 2
"CESPN allows me to work in new areas and develop new skills day by day. It's an unpredictable and very integrated course, though I can assure that anyone who comes through CESPN will further develop their teamwork, critical thinking, withstand pressure, and have plenty of fun doing it." William Muraviov - Camera 2

Daktronics and Alex arranged for us to meet with the Production team at U of O and Matt Knight Arena and the PAC12 crew. An amazing night!

Former Crater Comet and Oregon Duck & Daily Emerald journalist - Madi Layton came in to train my staff on the art of the interview.

The opportunities for my students are endless and the avenues are so wide. This is exciting.

Post season we began our own certification of each position. Here Luis is getting certified on "Buttons" by Amy "Buttons" Mullane

Dustin Harris receives his training on Camera 2 via Daniel Coggins and his thorough checklist.

As we embark on new adventures we look at product reviews and have broken our film crews down into teams to test, film and produce reviews of toys for this holiday season.

Our CESPN students worked on their video and interview techniques away from the field.

Shortly we will producing our own news show using our cameras and student talent.



Tarisha Goosmann

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