Work Diary Speleology

My name is José Dias and i'm 17 years old. I'm on the last year of secondary school of Entroncamento. I love to take pictures and explore the nature. I'm in a Scout group and, to me, this is a lifestyle.
I'm Rute Nunes and i'm in the last year of the secondary school of Entroncamento and in case you're wondering, i love Rihanna! I also like to read or listen to all genre of music on my free time because i believe it is the best way to express yourself.
I'm Francisco Gonçalves and I'm 17 years old. I'm from a little town in the center of Portugal, like the other members of my group. When I don't have classes I like to practice orienteering, because I love to feel free and to adventure in the wildlife.
Today our group distributed different roles to each one of us. Rute has to deal with communication that requires face to face talk. Francisco is responsible for inviting an expert in speleology to help us. José needs to find a lot of and decent information to put on posters.
Here are the plans our group came up with of what our tent will possibly look like. To the left there's the whole tent and how it should look like at the end. We're thinking of making a lake (thing in blue) and using a climbing wall (box with a cross). To the right is the entrance from another perspective which we're planning on making dark and filled with fake rocks and stalactites.
Here's Francisco writing all the material we need for this project with the objective of making our tent look like a real cave and make the visitors enjoy their "trip" instead of finding it boring. We're also planning on using speleology equipment to make our visitors feel like they're living the real experience.
Here's José working on the posters at home. He had to search for lots of information and really focus on his job because he had to keep it simple but not too simple as the visitors are going to be of all age ranges.
We had to find ways of making stalactites and the best way we found was by wrapping parts of cardboard boxes and put polyurethane foam around it. This was nerve wrecking considering the amount of times the foam fell and how long it took to dry.
We finished making most of the stalactites and started painting them already. We are really tired due to all the work we're having but we're also having lots of fun and this will pay off in the end. We can't wait to show our amazing job to the visitors!
In here were making the last stalactites and as fast as we can due to this being the last day of preparation. We painted them so that they would look real ( they didn't to be honest).
Zé and I are making the structures of the walls of the cave with boxes so that we can cover them with paperboard while Francisco is hanging the stalactites to the ceiling, which was a tent given to us by members of the military.
The walls of the cave were made of wrinkled paperboard supported by boxes and then painted with a brownish paint spray so that it would look realistic.
On the first day of the presentation of the project we had to come earlier as we still had stuff to do like painting the rest of the walls and hang the posters.
Here's the cave finished but with the tent "doors" opened so that it would be visible. Next to the spider there's a little tunnel that, if the kids wanted, they could go through it making the trip much more interesting. We can say that we're proud of our results.
This is the first group of the first day of presentation (out of 3 days). Everyone was excited to see the cave and interesting on learning more about it. Francisco talked about all the material needed for this kind of activity and even brought it from home.
Each one of the children would receive a lantern in order to see the cave in hopes they would feel like real speleologists. Here's Zé explaining the different caves there are which could be seen on the posters. We made it easy for the kids to understand some of the difficult language. He also talked about stalactites, fauna and flora explaining each of these.

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