💦The Little Water Droplet.💦 By: lelani geyer.

This is sparkle.
Sparkle has always wanted to travel the world but she was trapped in ground water storage. For 7 years now.

But then something happened she found a way to get out of there. And she was finally now free she was thinking of what to do next until......

Suddenly sparkle started going up and up she was so scared and she didn't know what was happening. Then she realized she was evaporating.

When she landed on a cloud it tasted like cotten candy. When she turned around there was a huge castle

She tried to go inside but the door was locked. She went around to go to a different door but suddenly she saw a huge ogre.

Then the ogre yelled, "Get out of here!!" Then he threw her down and she was falling and falling. She was precipitating.
She was falling and falling and falling and then bloop she was in the lake.
She was with some friends so she was kinda happy. Then sparkle was talking to the other water droplets, "Wasn't that ogre rude." Announced sparkle "Yes." Yelled sally the other water droplet. She thought that the lake was going to be her new home she was excited until suddenly something happened.
Then a moose came by the moose was small compared to the ogre suddenly, the moose started to drink the water sparkle yelled, "NO NO." But the moose didn't hear her then gulp she was in his stomach.
Then she was inside the moose.

But then the moose started to pee.

Now she was in the soil.

Then it all happened again and again.

The end.

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