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Japan has a lot of frequent and violent earthquakes, volcanic activity, and change of sea levels along the coast. It is actually considered one of the MOST GEOLOGICALLY unstable places in the world BECAUSE of THE TECTONIC plate movement.



Japan's climate varies from tropical in the south and cool in the north. Winter monsoons bring in rain and snow and summer monsoons bring in warm TEMPERATURES and rain. There are cyclones and typhoons in the late summer and early fall.


Physical Characteristics

Japan is an island on the north pacific ocean. It is mostly covered with mountains and hills. Most people live on the coastal plains, which have the best farmland.



The population is 99.2% japanese. There are 849 people per square mile. The literacy rate for japan is 100% for people fifteen and older.


Customs and Traditions

The japanese normally have arranged MARRIAGES. During wedding ceremonies, the bride and groom wear elaborate kimonos, but the guests wear formal western clothes. New years is the most important holiday out of the fifteen national holidays.



The two main religions of japan are shintoism and buddhism. Shinto can date back to the pre-historic times. Shinto means "the way of the gods." Poeple who are shinto BELIEVE in many gods such as the gods of nature like the sun, water, mountains, and trees.



A form of buddhism is called zen, which means "MEDITATION." People can be a combination of SHINTO and buddhidt. They may celebrate births and MARRIAGES with sinto ceremonies but have funerals with buddhist ceremonies.



The best known japanese dish is sushi, but japan is renowned for their green tea. Most of the CUISINE in japan is served raw or lightly cooked. It is noted for for its subtle and delicate flavors.

The Cat's Elopement

Von David Brauns


"The CAT'S ELOPEMENT" is a japanese fairy tale that follows the life of a cat named gon and his aventure for true love.

Typical Characteristics

Special BEGINNING - "Once upon a time..." -- good CHARACTER - gon and koma. They were searching for love. -- evil character - music teacher that owned gon; he DIDN'T let gon and koma be TOGETHER. The serpent was jelous of gon. "An ogre appeared" and tried to hurt gon and koma.

Typical Characteristics (cont.)

Royalty - a princess takes care of gon. --something magical - the animals could talk to each other and other people. -- problem/solution - gon gets separated from koma; they get back together. There is an ogre; a servant makes him go away. Serpent; gon kills it.

Typical Characteristics (cont.)

3s or 7s - there are three problems and seven characters.

Connection to Japan

This fairy tale has connections to japan because it talks about cherry trees and it has japanese names for the characters such as "gon" and "koma"
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Maddy Hall


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