Bowling For Columbine 11:19 , just after bowling , the shooting began .

Eric hArris & Dylan klebold
Michael Moore takes on the big question if America's Government is responsible for Violence Among our people or is it something else?

This Documentary takes place in littleton , Colorado to take the quest on finding why the United States is more prone to gun violence then other world powers. Moore opens the movie in a scene where he tries to buy a rifle at a local gun shop. When entering he is ask to give information himself on who he is , nationality and whether he has any mental issues to indicate if he will be responsible with such a deadly weapon. The significance of this is seen as Americans need their guns to feel safe a Despite having such strictness in buying guns we have mass shootings so young as a 6 year old who brought a gun to school to shoot another student. Moving away from the film details Moore finds out Columbine High school shooters attended bowling at 6:00 am before committing a Massacre. This is seen as out of character because both students held very introverted lives and to do something so out of character is skeptical. However, maybe they just wanted to do something different before taking their lived to say they hadn't lived such plain boring lives. Moore asks students whether they feel bowling helps them learn something or is it necessary for school in which they undoubtedly answered no.

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