The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Henry Johnson

Spatial Experience:

  • Entering, the theater turned a familiar setting, the Reitz, into a new experience
  • Sitting front left, I had a great seat that placed me feet away from the actors' first entrance, amplifying the drama of the first scene
  • Any time the right entrance near me was used, my interest in the play was rekindled
  • Either way, the small auditorium guaranteed a good seat where the actors emotions could be felt

The Social Experience

  • Planned to sit with a group of friends, ended up sitting with friend from back home by chance when the original group was late
  • Thoroughly enjoyed catching up with someone who i hadn't seen in weeks, while getting to talk with the original group during intermission
  • As with most experiences, viewing the play with friends made it much more enjoyable, as emotions reciprocated usually generate a sense of comradery

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

  • The location was the east coast of Canada during the industrial revolution.
  • The play addressed issues of religious identity and outwards appearance versus integrity and true belief in ideals
  • Topics of greed and necessity for work in the economy were thrown at the reader in stark detail
  • The play beat to death subject matter I already knew and felt like a broken record due to already taking history classes and modern news reporting on religious corruption.

The Emotional Experience

  • The play might anger those who hold deep faith in the church, or reactionaries who have have an overly rosy view of the past
  • For most people, the play covered already well known issues
  • Catharsis is a possible response for some to the play's displayed atrocities, but it mostly feels like a cheap, easily accessed emotional response targeting those who do not understand or know history, which is a valid target. However, this group rarely attends plays, let alone college productions.

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