Short Story By: austin

We are playing Denver in the championship round and they are number one and we are number two. Drew and I are starting the lacrosse game, and I’m taking the faceoff.

The kid that I trucked came up from behind me and tried to cross check me in the back of the neck, but Drew saw him running at me and he hit him before he hit me. Unfortunately, Drew got the penalty because it's usually the second one who gets the penalty.

So he goes down to take the faceoff and right as the ref blows the whistle, the guy on the other team doesn't even go for the ball, he just goes for Drew and he cross checks him right in the throat. I run up and hit him and send him flying. We take a look at Drew and he’s not doing too well, I think that he might have a fractured windpipe. So we call the ambulance and he gets rushed to the hospital.

This reminds me of when I lived in small town in Kansas, my uncle played in the MLL and I would always watch his games. His name was Mark Pensky he was the best player in the MLL and I had always dreamed of being in his position. It was July 22 and that was my birthday and my uncle had gotten me one of his own custom made Pensky brand heads and a wonderboy + shaft, with ECD mesh and shooters, and to this day I still use that same stick.

I clamp down hard and swipe it out to my teammate who picks it up and passes it down the field, and I catch it pass it to my attackmen for a give and go. I shoot but I miss the net. My Attackman at x get’s it and runs around jumps and shoot’s and scores. That is Seth he is my other very good friend and we love to go scootering.

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