Great Barrier Reef Ebony waddington

The Heart of Australia is dying!

Our beautiful Great Barrier Reef is dying and we are doing nothing about it.

The heart of Australia is dying and we are doing nothing about it! Over the event of the terrible belching: our reef is losing its beautiful colour. Over two-thirds of the reef has died already from us, because of global warming and our extreme summers the temperature damages the tissue inside of the coral which makes it turn white. We could be very lucky and maybe during the winter with the temperature drop, we could maybe get our reef back, or it might die during this time. The website conversation says that “they had been doing a survey since 1998, then 2002 then again in 2016 and they said that last year’s survey had been record breaking survey with records lows on the reef”.

What can we do? People say that it would take a miracle for our reef to be the same again. Yes it would take a while and there is some things we can’t change like global warming or our very hot summers, but there is some things we can do. We can stop oil spills, coral belching, touching the reef, plastic, other harmful chemicals going into our ocean and pollution. These things aren’t hard to change in our lifestyle so why can’t we? The Great Barrier Reef is in all hearts you just have to try and find it and start to care.

Our reef is too amazing to let go. If you haven’t seen the wonderful reef yet you need to go and lose yourself to the colours, coral and vibrant fish. Not only do these reefs make our hearts complete but they actually protect us, according to the website of Importance of Coral Reefs “the reef protects our coastlines from wave actions and tropical storms”. The reefs home and shelter for marine life, provides food and nutrients for the animals and helps in carbon and nitrogen fixing. Not only is the reef helpful with environmental impacts but is very important to our economy, making 1.5 billion dollars every year, from fishing and tourism. Australia is not only in love with the Great Barrier Reef but also needs the Reef because of its tourism every year. Let’s not let our Reef dye in front of our eyes.

The website Great Barrier Reef written by the Queensland Museum is referencing to the protection for our coastlines, waves and topical storms. The website the Conversation written by David Wachenfeld says that since their survey in 1998 the reef has just decreased through the worst years of climate change and peoples actions. People need to wake up and start to realise what is happening around them because sooner than later our beautiful reef will be gone and there will be nothing we can do to change it. So get on board with saving the reef and join us on our mission to save Australia’s heart.

References for facts on written text


I feel like I went well with my persuasive text because I put a lot of time and effort into it and made sure it was good. I got my mum and siblings to check as well that my text was good and made adjustments with them which really helped.

I would maybe change my persuasive image just maybe to get clearer images and feeling. I do very much like my image but I feel there just could be some improvements to maybe grab more of the reader’s attention.

When making the thing links I needed help with finding techniques. It’s not that I didn’t have any it’s just that I needed help with finding them and realising what they did. I got help from my book and used that as my base for my thing links. After realising what I had done and putting it into words I was starting to understand more about persuasive techniques.

I have learnt so much about persuasion and realised what is necessary to make a good persuasive text or image. I have learnt that to make an excellent written text you mostly need good language, rhetorical questions, ethos, pathos and logos to make people drawn and interested in your topic. I realised all the important techniques you also need for a persuasive image. To have an interesting image you need to have emotion, facts, key words/large heading, eye-catching photos and colours to make the audience interested and want to find out more. I have learnt so much from making an image and text because when you make one yourself you finally really do realise that it is difficult to do and understand it much more.

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