Bunker Hill Brawl Devastating news from Bunker Hill


Everyone has heard about the tragic incident in Boston in 1770, and the battles in Lexington and Concord, but today there was yet another battle today at Bunker Hill.

Boston Massacre

Meeting at Breeds Hill

Yesterday, some 2,200 British forces under the command of Major General William Howe and Brigadier General Robert Pigot landed on the Charlestown Peninsula then marched to Breed’s Hill.

Map of Bunker Hill

Unknowingly, they were met by troops from Boston who were sent to occupy the hills surrounding the city. Some 1,000 colonial militiamen under Colonel William Prescott built earthen fortifications on top of Breed’s Hill, overlooking Boston and located on the Charlestown Peninsula. The British eventually succeeded in defeating the rebels.

What will happen?

Will the British win this war?

Will we end up under the control of King George III after all?

What will happen to the great leaders leading the revolts?

King George III

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