Create your perfect workspace Tips to maximize distance learning

Senior Stella Hansen keeps her workspace neat by using desk drawers to store classwork and bins for her pens and pencils. She also keeps a daily checklist of everything she needs to accomplish that day.

"One tip to make your workspace positive is to try to sit by a window you can look out of." Hansen said. "This is helpful because you can look out to the distance if your eyes start to get tired from looking at the screen too much! It's also nice to watch cars, people, and birds go by."

Junior Grace Anderson creates a positive work environment by keeping it tidy and filling it with fun, personal items.

"Make sure it's clean and organized, and decorate it however you want!" Anderson said. "It's your workspace, make it perfect for you! Also, opening a window for that natural sunlight and lighting a candle helps too."

Freshman Veronica Torres keeps her desk uncluttered by designating an area for her computer and textbooks. She also maintains a productive environment by keeping her area free of distractions and noises.

"A tip is to tell the people in your house when you are about to join your Google Meet so they know not to be loud or distract you." Torres said.


Photos by Stella Hansen, Grace Anderson, and Veronica Torres