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" I've always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be. " -Dita Van Teese

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About Me

Hi I'm Shay, many people don't have such a opportunity to get to know me on a personal level because I feel like I'm too complicated to understand. I'm really outgoing, I like to be adventurous. If I set my mind to do something I'll find a way to do it with out without someone's support. I also believe that being pretty isn't the solution to all your problems and that to accept yourself as the way you were brought into this world, because it is better to be a original then a copy. Another thing at times I may seem as if I was cold hearted because I keep my guard up but I always have a soft spot to those closest to me. You should always be yourself and not care what people have to say about you because if that was the case and I would revolve myself around others opinions I wouldn't be known as the rebel outgoing Shay.

My latest blog entry

Last night I went to the pretties town on my amazing cheetah printed hover board. The way I got into the town was by the only fun and risky route I knew which was crossing a river. Of course I was being extra carful because I didn't want to get caught by the security or else I would loose my chance of becoming a pretty. I then started to hear patrol lights go off because a intruder was caught crashing a pretty party. The intruder was Tally who is now like my new best friend. I really wish I could've been able to experience what Tally did. She crashed pretty party, snuck out without being caught once! Now that's pretty cool. I hope there are many more interesting blogs to come out of our new friendship, so stay tuned -Shay!

My interests and favorites

Here are some of my interests and favorite things to do. One of them is to sneak into places I shouldn't be sneaking into. Another one is I like to ride my hover board around town. Also I like to have fun with my friends and make really cool and fun memories with them. Most importantly I love being myself and not depend on others opinions about me.

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Ashley Sanchez-Perez

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