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It"s not necessarily a question never asked before but it asks the question if the grass is always greener on the other side.
This shows 20 years into the future meaning that I'll most likely have a job.
This shows how ugly can be beautiful because it is a dead area but the stream is so lively it adds the beauty.
This shows the world that I want to be in because I really like the outdoors and it's places like these that really makes me wish the whole world would be like this.
This represents a place I've never been before because, finding streams that happen only when it rains makes me want to explore them and it takes me to a place that I would've never found.
This shows something I've never seen before because I have never seen a flower bloom at night before.
This reflects a fear because I have always liked hiking but not rock climbing because it gives off a lot of unsteadiness.
This shows how the familiar is unfamiliar because it's a familiar land in a unfamiliar location that has never been seen before.
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Deja Murray


Created with images by mehul.antani - "Rumble in Jungle"

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