Uglies Scott Westerfield

Uglies is a coming of age/dystopia pretending to be a utopia in which Scott Westerfield creates the character Tally Youngblood who is age 15. In this society when you turn 16 you are transformed by plastic surgery and from a shameful ugly into a desirable pretty. The pretties have it all. Party's, fun, pretty much all that you will ever need. But when Tally's only friend Peris turn's pretty before her she makes another friend. Fun loving Shay teaches her how to hover board and the best part is they have the same birthday. So Tally won't have to spend a single day without Shay. But then Tally finds our Shay doesn't want to be a pretty. And that's when her whole world gets turned upside down. She starts to learn about things that only come up in conversations when trying to scare littlies. Smoke. Hell bent rusties trying to destroy the world. And special circumstances. The secret organization who hunts Tally down and gives her the most difficult ultimatum known to man. Give up Shay, her new best friend. Or never turn pretty. Theme of this story is never believe in what society tell you.

Tally Youngblood's Description is relatively average. With her average complexion, Caucasian skin, brown hair and eyes she won't stand out from a crowd.

Intro- Tally goes to new pretty town to see Peris.

Rising action- She gets into trouble with special circumstances, makes trip to smoke, gets to smoke and accidentally activates homing device.

Climax- Special circumstances comes smoke is taken.

Falling action- Goes back to the rusty ruins, start to set up smoke II, Breaks out captured members of smoke.

Resolution- Returns to rusty ruins volunteers to test out reverse pretty pill, Returns to city and becomes pretty.

Literary devices-

Simile- "Soon the brilliant white bonnets were thick as grass."

Imagery- "The five white long petals curved delicately up from the stem and around its mouth, which contained a hint of yellow deep inside."

Metaphor- "Tally heard something that made her heart freeze"

Foreshadowing- "Tally smiled always happy to teach someone a new trick"

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