Winging It Va-Fort lauderdale station February 2017

Snap, Clap, Wings... Snap, Clap, Wings...

Does that sound familiar? Most of us have been to "Momentum" but if you haven't, this is just on of the creative team building exercises you will be a part of. "Momentum" is an employee experience to welcome Virgin America teammates and build relationships at the two airlines. When the day is over , you will have a better understanding of how the merger has come to fruition, the history of Alaska Air, safety and the reason why it is so important, Synergy, what it means and how it applies to us. It is also a time to voice any of your questions or concerns.

The daylong event will be held in Burlingame, California, at a venue next to the VirginThe daylong event will be held in Burlingame, California, at a venue next to the Virgin America headquarters. Alaska has gone above and beyond to make us feel welcomed! Thanks for rolling out the red carpet Alaska!

Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts

Alaska is big on safety

Ask yourself who do you really stay safe for?

I stay safe for my family.... because they will starve if something happens to me.

Everyone is loved at Virgin America FLL! Some of us even get flowers... or Hot Tamales

Ian M Santos (Old Man Ian) Born February 6th
Philippe's Laspagnol (Our Adorée) Born February 11th

Congratulations Nicole!!!! You have been selected as our February Values Recipient. You were nominated for, "always being efficient and having a smile on a your face when working with IAN... just kidding! When working with GUESTS!

We all have funny, embarrassing or just plain dated pictures... here some of our brave VA Teammates that have so graciously shared theirs. See if you can guess who is who..

Most likely to be in management you can't guess one. She is a cutie though.

What a mustache!

I bet we know who this is..

Who is the girl on the left?

Who is the little girl

Ok... how did she pass the background check?!?!

You Can't Go Home.......Again?

Well, last summer I took my mom on a road trip to go and see the family in Arkansas. No Arkansas is not another country it does exist within our borders. It started out fine, catching up on old stories and family members. Then we got to Arkansas. It was fun, but let's just say things don't change much in that state... not since I left as a first grader. The streets look the same, the old train that we played in at the park. All still there, but somehow different.

Well the first thing was my crazy aunt Patsy came in and yelled "where's that man of yours"? Well, now let me back up a bit, see... not many people in Arkansas know gay people, especially not in the family. So after a few minutes that seemed like hours, my mom opened up her mouth and said, I love him like he was one of my own. To which no one asked a thing. Now after seeing the photos/videos (see below my video), you would ask, how'd they not know?

So we made our way to Colorado and I spent another 3 weeks with my mom. It was as usual, every day when I would wake up at noon, she would ask what I wanted for breakfast... I would just stare at her until I could think of why she was still there. But it was a nice trip, and I am glad for most of what family brings to our lives.

One last thing, I was home in SC , yes I get around. And I found myself very angry with my mom for not being able to do some things that are pretty easy for us. I could not find figure out why I was so upset... and then I looked at myself in the mirror. I see what is coming in the future... so family, that's you guys reading this, I will need your help soon enough. Thanks

Sean Owens took an extraordinary trip to Iceland! So I asked just a couple of questions...

1. Can you name a couple of places in Iceland you visited?

We did a road trip that took us to a new place each day with stops in between each town. A lot of the city names aren't in English, so its hard to put here, but we went to all the major stops around the "ring road".

2. Did you rent a car? How much was gas? If you didn't, what was your means of transportation?

Lagoon Car Rental, Car was a Dacia Duster, gas was about $7.50 USD/Gallon

3. What is the currency 💴

Icelandic Krona, current exchange rate, 1 USD = 109.275 ISK

4. Any advice on the trip? Some do's and don'ts?

Plan for all kinds of weather. It can go from sunny to a blizzard in a matter of an hour. If your going anywhere outside of Reykjavik you will need a car. Don't speed. You can use a credit card everywhere. Plan to spend a lot of money on food.

5. What is Iceland known for? Is it the hot springs?

Hot springs, geothermal pools, volcanoes, lots of water falls, nature in general, and the northern lights (although they are not a guarantee)

DC plane wreck on Sólheimasandur Iceland

Hallgrímskirkja (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈhatlkrimsˌcʰɪrca], church of Hallgrímur) is a Lutheran (Church of Iceland) parish church in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Potato Salad (Kartoflusalat in Iceland)

Check out the recipe

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