Career Research Project Alyssa Brachman

In the naviance survey quiz my two highest scoring interests were Social and Artistic. I think that both of these interests reflect me correctly as a person. When I grow up I want be have a career in some type of counseling social or teaching of individuals with unique learning needs. I love being able to help others and solve people's conflicts. In regards to my artistic ability, I am very interested in dance. I have been dancing for ten years many days of the week. Dance has provided me with an outlet to express myself and develop my positive self esteem. I believe that the naviance survey quiz reflected me correctly, Socially and Artisticly.

I have a lot of interest in having a career in Special Education. This career is best suited for me because I have a learning disability and I understand how hard and frustrating it can be when the whole class is understanding a lesson and you are extremely confused. As a special education teacher I would understand how to make school work easier and I would have a good connection with the students. I work well with people and I make learning fun. Being a Special Education teacher fits my personality perfectly.

A Special education teacher has many responsibilities to make sure students are thriving both academically and emotionally. They teach many subjects such as reading, writing, and math. All special education teachers in public schools require to have a bachelor's degree and a state licence. My major is education. The minimum amount of education required is a bachelor's degree. To become completely certified some states require a master degree. Many states offer licenses in special education that help teachers to work with students with disabilities. In order to pursue a career in special education, it takes a lot of hard working and patience. I did all the different types of requirements and schooling.

Some colleges that offer Special Education are Utica,University of Akron, and Walsh University. These schools offer different programs that will allow you to later reach your career goal.

I am involved in many clubs at Commack High School that can make me become more prepared for having a career in Special education teaching. I am apart of CHS best buddies, this is a club that promotes friendship and fun activites with students that have disabilities and students who do not.

Having a career in special education teaching is an important career. They help students who have learning disabilities thrive academically and socially. They are responsible for making learning a much easier process so that each student understands the material. Most school districts have school from early in the morning to late afternoon, six hours. Special education teachers are expected to arrive on time to work every day. Meetings take place before school hours or after school hours. I learned that you need to work hard to pursue a career in special education teaching.

Employment of school and career counselors is expected to grow 8 percent from 2014 to 2024. $53,660 per year and $25.80 an hour.

I am still intrested in becoming a guidance counsloer. In the future I would love to be able to help people everyday. I am not worried about having this career because i am already good at helping my friends and family with conflicts they face.


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