I'm From... Anna Wanner

I'm from Oregon
I'm from summer days outside full of yard work and fun
I’m from winter days with a book by the fire
I'm from nights full of games
I'm from family beach days
I'm from enjoying every sunset
I'm from loving the outdoors
I'm from faith and hope


Created with images by Elena Kuchko - "untitled image" • Zack Spear - "untitled image" • Jon Tyson - "untitled image" • Mishal Ibrahim - "Shot taken with nikond3200" • Luís Feliciano - "untitled image" • Swabdesign_official - "Green bike in park at daytime" • Hayden Scott - "untitled image" • Ryan Quintal - "Dominos, assorted, face side up. " • Audre Kapacinskas - "Oregon Coast" • Artem Sapegin - "It was a rainy evening and we were far from a place we wanted to reach. When we were close to a viewing point we saw that sun was shining through a tiny crack in the clouds and the whole valley was filled with a golden light. We ran like the Fellowship of the Ring, jumping over tree roots and steps of a staircase to the viewing point. The whole shoot took around three minutes: unpack a camera, set up a tripod, choose and change a lens, compose a frame, focus and shoot. I had enough time to only take four frames with different exposures and the sun had gone." • Sergei Akulich - "Smoky morning in Cascades" • Aaron Burden - "untitled image"