Daniel Prokopenko period 4

I walked back away from the sign made sure the whole "e" for Evergreen was visible and snapped the photo. This photo contains contrast out of the many elements of composition.
This photo was taken for the food photo challenge. I put candy corn on the green cloth and 2 cups to create the illusion that the cups spilled the candy corn. inside the cups are red, orange, and pink mike and ikes.
This photo was taken for the leading lines photo challenge it is a gutter. I stood at the bottom of the gutter and brought the camera close to the gutter to create leading lines.
This was one of my first photos taken, I took this photo for the rule of thirds photo challenge. I simply aimed at the sticker and snapped the shot.
I took this photo in the beginning of the year as a leading lines photo challenge. I stood at the bottom of post and aimed up to create leading lines.

I make my art because I love seeing what I can come up with, it lets me feel free. My teacher inspires me to make art because I see his art in photography and I want to make the same type of art. Art represents my creativity because when I make art I try many different types of pictures. I take pictures at many angles and that is what I think is unique about my art. Art means a lot to me because it lets me feel free.

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