Florida Museum of Natural History Kristen hoover

Nature on Display

Hammock Forrest //Photos by Kristen Hoover

The Hammock Forrest was an exhibit that I found to be incredibly realistic. Initially, the exhibit caught my attention because as a child I would often play in the woods with friends, pretending to live the life of a nomad. This exhibit reminded me of my childhood adventures and brought me back to a place of bliss. The accuracy of the depiction of the woods made the viewing experience even more surreal. While there is plenty going of wildlife that inhabits the woods, this exhibit helped to remind me that nature is beautiful despite its chaos.

Nature and Ethics

Barrier Islands // Photos by Kristen Hoover

The design of the Barrier Islands exhibit was very appealing. The exhibit had real sand and grass that helped to create an incredibly realistic beach-like scene. This exhibit helped to illustrate the serenity of the beach. Often, when you go to the beach you share it with other people who may not respect the peacefulness that it often brings and even more often, people leave trash on the beach and do not respect it. This display illustrates the beauty of the beach, untouched and free from disturbance. This instilled a feeling of responsibility in me to keep our beaches clean and help to better conserve the environment.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Butterfly Rainforest // Photos by Kristen Hoover

The butterfly rainforest was my favorite exhibit at the musuem. This exhibit had an element of enchantment that was present throughout my entire visit in the rainforest. The plethora of butterflies that flew around while the sun shined through the screen enclosure made me feel like I was in a story, and for the short time that I was in the exhibit, I felt like I escaped reality. I did not have to worry about work or school, but instead I fully lived in the moment and enjoyed the time that I was able to spend simply appreciating the beauty of nature.

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