The Student Experience Glasgow Caledonian Universty

Our commitment to your student experience

Working in partnership with students to deliver an excellent student experience is at the heart of everything we do at GCU.

Your feedback helps us shape and improve the experience for all students. We have listened carefully to what you have told us and have worked with you to put in place a wide range of improvements and to develop a Student Experience 2020 Action Plan which will deliver further enhancements. Our priorities for 2017/18 are:

1 . Student Voice

We recognise the importance and value of your voice and are committed to provide a wide variety of methods and means for you to meaningfully feedback on your experience and acting on what you say.

There are a variety of ways to get your voice heard, from official surveys, such as the National Student Survey, to activities and groups, like the Student Voice. We would love to hear from you and encourage you to get involved.

Find out about the ways in which you can get involved, through...

What your voice has achieved so far…

As a result of your feedback, we have made a number of changes and improvements, all designed to positively impact on the student experience.

We would love to hear your views, so you too can make a difference…

Annual Student Summit

Another way for you to feedback is through our annual student summit – it provides an opportunity for you to raise issues and make suggestions directly to staff – and it can make a real difference.

Annual Student Summit 2016

Last year, as a result of the summit, a new student partnership agreement was developed and agreed by staff and students...

2 . GCU Community – working together in partnership

The student partnership agreement forms a contract between the university and all of our students including you.

GCU is a community where all of us, including you, are working as partners to deliver excellence in learning and an outstanding student experience. The GCU community – students, staff and the Students’ Association – are all responsible for making this partnership work.

We have created the Student Partnership Agreement around the four Principles which set out how we work together. They are based on the GCU Values (Responsibility; Creativity; Integrity; Confidence) and Students’ Association strategic priority areas (Partnership; Belonging; Empowerment; Innovation). Let’s look at each in more detail…

The University also commits to offering students a variety of ways to be active partners, including intern opportunities and peer mentoring schemes…

3 . Student communications

We recognise the importance of student communications – we promise to keep all of our students informed, in an agreed format and by defined methods;

  • We send our email newsletter Your GCU to all students every fortnight during term time. It’s where students can find out about the latest news, events and updates from across the University.
  • We maintain a University presence on social media, through Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, which will provide updates on any emerging issues as well as a range of interesting stories and links.
  • We frequently update our website to include relevant information as soon as it is available.
  • We use the GCU Learn online portal to communicate relevant information specific to the courses you are enrolled on.

4 . Assessment and feedback

We are committed to improve our performance in giving you feedback, from the timescales it is provided in, to the variety of methods by which it is distributed – and will give clear guides on what you can expect in advance;


Teaching awards

Emma Green, a lecturer from the School of Health and Life Sciences, won the award for Excellence in Feedback at GCU's 8th annual Teaching Awards for her work on providing excellent, student centered feedback.

Emma Green, far , along with some of her other teaching colleagues who similarly were recognised for their outstanding contributions.


We will increase our use of digital approaches to online submission, marking and feedback. By summer 2018, all student coursework will be submitted online unless the format does not allow it.

5 . The Common Good

GCU is the University for the Common Good. This ethos is a principle that is carried through everything we do, including our student experience.

We promise to work to embed the ‘common good’ into our student experience.

We are committed to creating students who are socially engaged and driven, with a passion to contribute to their local communities and wider world. And in doing so, you are enabled to not only transform your surroundings but also transform yourself in the process.

The Common Good Attributes
Did you know we have Campuses in Glasgow, London, and New York?

6 . Student Environment

We are committed to provide an environment for students which fosters a sense of community, ownership and wellbeing.
  • You told us you needed more eateries, study spaces and support hubs. Our campus redevelopment has provided a range of social spaces – places you can chat, learn, grab a bite to eat, a coffee, or simply take some time out and reflect on your day.
  • This includes our one stop support shop and campus life desk in the George Moore building and our on site leisure facility in The Arc as well as a variety of cafes and coffee shops.
  • Our dedicated faith and belief centre hosts daily prayers, as well as meditation and relaxation classes and support.
  • Plus, we now have a campus bar in the Student Association building. Just look at how much our campus has changed…

And it’s not just our campus that is evolving – we are also introducing more and more ways in which you can get to know other students, share ideas and experiences and get involved…

'We promise to offer all new International Students a Global Buddy by 2018’

GCU's Global Buddies Program aims to provide a friendly welcome for new international students by providing lots of opportunities for our international and home students to interact, get to know each other and have fun.

We are committed to providing students with specialist library assistance, in person and virtually.

Our award winning library, located in the Saltire building, offers a mix of social and quiet study spaces, plus we have a whole host of online resources to help you get what you need.

“It has kept the learning experience varied and allowed me to be prepared for class ... There are also multiple additional learning materials provided which I can explore outside of class to help enhance my learning.”

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