19 Macro Story Dinos Gone Bad

There is a land called Clor Cay where both mankind and dinosaurs inhabited . For the most part the dinosaurs and humans got along in peace. I cannot say the same for the dinosaurs. Spyke, a prideful fellow with a short temper, and Riff who couldn't keep his mouth shut for the life of him, are an example of this. One day, Riff and Spyke were walking about enjoying the scenery, doing dino things when they suddenly came across a wide stream. " Oh no we cannot cross that," said Riff already turning back around. Spyke, being his prideful self was not about to be told what he can and cannot do. " You may not,but I surely can!" He said with much joy. He took a few steps back and started running. With his little brown feet he leaped!He did not make it. He looked up to Riff, his blue friend, successfully making it across. Not a drip on him. The next thing he heard was a bunch of laughter. He looked behind him and saw a group of older Dinosaurs who he did not notice before. They had seen everything. Spyke's face grew hot with embarrassment. It was not long till Riff started laughing at him too. Even now, they started to taunt him. Spyke got up crying and ran. He swore to himself he'd get them back.
A week later, a festival was happening in the land of Zolm Clay. Everyone, including humans and dinosaurs were going to attend. Spyke knew that Riff and his tormentors would be there, in fact he was watching them when they were talking about it. He knew they planned to leave at 8 to go catch some deer. So there he was hiding in the bushes,eating some corn on the cob as a snack waiting patiently. Spyke spots Riff with the leader of the group. Perfect, he thinks. At least it wont be 5 against 1. Two guys is definitely a better chance. Spyke charged at the bigger of the two, so he'd have a better chance of surprising him. He jumped on the dino's back and shoved the cob in his throat! The dinosaur fell onto the floor silent. Riff was shooked with shock not believing his eyes. Spyke turned towards him, Riff's betrayal burned deepest in Spyke's heart as he let hatred consume him. He charged towards him, his claws ready. In an instant, he was on him, Right,left,right he swung and he stood victorious. His glory short lived as he soon heard the Sannin,a high ranked guard, yell. " EXTERMINATE THAT DINOSAUR!" was the last thing he heard before he ran. He knew he was in trouble. He has heard how dangerous they were.
The Sannin, also known as Naruto, witnessed the whole incident. He cursed himself for being to in shock to not have done anything. Usually the dinos are no problem, and most of them are actually pretty cool. He knew this one though, hate a hardened heart. He had seen the dino take off running west. He nodded and followed but stayed off the ground and used the treetops instead. They stopped at a wide stream. Naruto watched silently. Spyke looked across the stream, his mind aloof in thoughts. He then went to a more secluded area in the tall grass. Naruto surveyed the area, noticing a small gap he would probably be able to fit in. With his nimble moves, he was able to stealthily sneak behind Spyke. He took out his bow and arrow getting it ready. He pulled the arrow back , taking one second to look at Spyke. He was crying, in remorse. Naruto almost felt pity for him, but in the end didn't.
His victory was of course celebrated the with a night out with his friends." Your so heroic, you killed a rouge heartless dinosaur!"They celebrated. They even held big honorable funerals for the ones the two dinosaurs that were killed. Everyone was happy.So here Naruto was the next day, doing his job, keeping order with his best friend Zabuza. Never again did that night cross his mind. As far as him and everyone else thought, he was a hero. Too bad they'll never know that the big bad dinosaur was actually being bullied. Or that they now celebrate the people who tormented him enough for him to do that. Or that Spyke was getting ready to turn himself in, and do life before Naruto shot him. But that's a dinosaur's life.
Created By
Jennifer Josue

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