Stressed By: Catherine Almeida

Liz lays in bed while doing her college work, bored and frustrated.

Liz is about to take a three hour long quiz, so she prepares her notes.

However, she is distracted by her art project she's working on; a hobby is enjoys immensely.

For a brief moment, liz forgets about her quiz and is clouded by her ideas and creativity.

Unfortunately this feeling doesn't last long, as she is reminded of her task.

She CONTEMPLATES on her options; take the quiz, or continue working on her art project.

She decides that her school work should take priority over enjoyment, however she is unhappy with this decision.

Liz continues to take notes so she can be prepared for her quiz.

Liz gets 11/15 questions correct on her quiz and continues to hold her high grade.

Unfortunately, liz is still stressed out and sad.

Liz is then overwhelmed by stress.

the end.

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