Fikorus Special Treat Holiday and Year end offers

Once upon a time there was a most lovely couple living under marmalade skies in the very North of the world, they called it Finland, a Nordic Country. They had fallen in love because they thought each looked like royalty, so very beautiful.

Marmalade Skies in the Nordic Country where Princess Niina + Kal, her prince, live.

They were very creative and had big dreams, of enjoying life at court with all the other princesses and princes, and perhaps even the queen. They loved to dress up.

Blueberry Hill originally created for Princess Karen Gordy.

More and more people learned how wonderful Niina + Kal were in getting dressed up. And they said, hey Niina + Kal can you make us some beautiful Jewelry that allows us to feel like a princess, too? Princess Niina replied in her melodic voice, why, yes! certainly, yes! So she started www.fikorus.com

Princess Niina's perl bracelet, photographed in the Nordic lands under Marmalade skies.

They were delighted and said: "And how about a purse? that makes me feel really special?" Princess Niina in her melodic voice: Said Yes! Of course, yes!

Princess Niina's crocodile purse from exotic looking materials.

And how about earrings? Yes, Princess Niina replied. Prince Kal was delighted to watch more and more fans join in their fun way of making everyone feel like a prince and a princess.

Princess Niina's elegant earrings for special occasions.

This story has now spread all the way from Finland to America. People near and wide are joining in the fun.

Princess Niina's pendent to draw the eyes of princes closer in admiration.

To get the special deals of the bespoke jewelry, visit either www.fikorus.com or visit Etsy - beware Etsy is a way to pay to a foreign country - they will try to sell you other things that are not at all suitable for a princess. So pick your favorite and contact Niina: at fikorus@gmail.com and the when you both agree what you like you can pay through directly or via Etsy.

The End - or wait, no, it is just the end of the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Created By
Edie Okamoto


Design Niina Karlsson and Photography Kalervo Karlsson

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