In appreciation of our school BPSS BY:Wayne and Jia En

Introduction: we want to show our appreciation to Bishan Park Secondary School, as it is a second home for all of us. It is where we spend most of our time, where we are nurtured and educated. This is a place where we play, study and learn life skills as well as values which we can apply to our daily lives. Since this is our last year in the school, we hope to show our appreciation to our school through these photographs.

This is the main gate to our school, the institute where we begin our secondary school life.
Encouraging words on the posters around the school drive us to work harder to achieve our academic targets and goals in life.
This is the canteen, where we have a break, interact with friends and enjoy a variety of food prepared by the stall holders.
This huge hall is where we have our weekly assembly Programmes. This is also a place where we perform and showcase our talents.
These are the five BPSian values we must inculcate in ourselves to be true BPSians. We will always do our best to abide by these values.
We have done our school proud. These trophies and plaques can vouch for our achievements.
This is our new sports hall where we have friendly matches and learn sportsmanship.
This is a frontal view of our classrooms and school field, an ideal Soccer pitch.

School is one of the most nostalgic places for anyone. It is where we go through memorable experiences and learn about life. Our committed and patient Teachers enlighten and care for us while preparing us for our life journeys. This is where we form lasting friendships and in years to come, we will recall and yearn for the wonderful days we had in Bishan Park Secondary School.

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