The Briefing volume 1 | march 16, 2020

Welcome to The Briefing

Mountain View, welcome to the daily digest of information, gathered together by our Strategic Communications Team to help keep you up-to-date and informed as we work together to surmount the spread of COVID-19.

Here, you will be able to review and read information about county health updates, protocol, and what the City of Mountain View is specifically doing in addition to these measures to ensure as many as possible stay safe and healthy.

The Briefing will bring to our community a resource guide to connect our various groups and populations to those they may need most, be it housing resources, medical resources, food resources, and more.

We'll also share reminders about the goings-on in the community, we'll provide ideas to stay entertained, and we'll work to help you stay updated on daily life to help ensure you feel as connected as possible while we work through the parameters of social distancing to help mitigate the pandemic.

We're in this together, and we're better together for it.

The Mountain View Response

Today, March 16, the City Manager, in an effort to put our employees and our community first, directed all non-essential City services to close until April 7. On that date, city staff will re-evaluate the safety of returning to regular staffing, pending any new direction from the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health.

The City of Mountain View has also established a webpage that will be updated regularly on Mountain View-specific measures that are being done to help address the pandemic in our community.

The website includes events that have been postponed or canceled, connections to the county public health website as well as the CDC website, best practices for hand washing and other health techniques, and what to do in the event you feel you may be exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

This website will be updated daily, and with each Briefing that we send to you, we will note the latest information that has been shared there so that you have the most updated information as soon as possible. This section of our website also includes translations into multiple languages for our diverse community.

Every day, the Santa Clara County Public Health Department shares updates and news on their social media channels and website.

Where to Get Updated Information

As information regarding COVID-19 continues to update, we actively are working with the Santa Clara County Public Health Department to be given guidance on best practices both for individuals, and for our entire community.

Given the nature of how quickly information updates regarding the virus, we continue to encourage community members to first and foremost visit the Public Health Department's website here. On the site, you will be able to view information ranging from frequently asked questions, information for healthcare providers, case updates, and more.

Today, for example, the County joined six other counties in the Bay Area to direct all residents to stay home for the next three weeks. More on that announcement can be found here.

The 2-1-1 system has been set up in Santa Clara County to operate around the clock for anyone who has questions regarding coronavirus.

On Friday, March 13, 2020, the Public Health Department announced that effective immediately, anyone who had questions regarding COVID-19 could call or text 2-1-1 any time of the day, seven days a week, and would get a response. We encourage you to use this resource! This plugs you in directly with subject matter experts, and it allows you to speak directly with those who know the most about the virus, and what can be done to help you, your family, and your community health-wise.

The county public health department also announced that residents can receive information on novel coronavirus by simply texting the word “coronavirus” to 211211 and following the prompts provided. More on the program can be found here. If you or your family would like updates on how the coronavirus is impacting Santa Clara County, this would be a great way to do so.

From the Governor's Office

On Sunday, March 15, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom issued the following:

  • All persons 65 years of age and older will be asked to isolate at home to help further keep those who would be more susceptible to the spread of the virus at a lower risk of contracting it. The City of Mountain View will be looking at how those in our community will be impacted by this, and what can be done to ensure everyone has access to what they may need.
  • All bars, pubs, night clubs, and wineries have been asked to shut down to help "flatten the curve" regarding the spread of COVID-19. This order does not extend to restaurants, according to the governor. Instead, restaurants will be asked to reduce their capacity by half.
  • Restaurants are also asked to focus on takeout instead of in-person dining. This will help with social distancing, Gavin noted.

From the Federal Level

In a streamed press conference at noon on March 16, 2020, President Trump announced that all school-aged children should stay home, and the CDC advised that gatherings larger than 10 people were not recommended. It is unclear how those recommendations will impact us at a local level, but we will keep you updated as we hear more.

Keeping everyone safe and healthy, particularly our city staff, is of the utmost priority.

Preventative Measures In Place

What is social distancing?

It’s a common strategy for reducing the spread of disease. The closer the contact between people – and the more people in a group – the greater the risk of passing along viruses.

But, how close is too close?

Try to allow for 6 feet between one another. Avoid handshakes and hugs – use smiles and “hellos” instead. If you want some kind of physical contact, go for an elbow bump.

How many people are in “large group” that I should avoid?

The County Public Health Department has requested that all gatherings larger than 100 people be prohibited at this time to help slow the spread of COVID-19. More on that decision and what that means can be read here.

Smaller groups between 35 and 100 people can meet only if they meet certain criteria laid out by the public health department.

It’s hard to avoid people. When should I simply stay home?

Stay home when you have a serious condition such as diabetes, heart disease or lung disease or have a cough, fever, and/or difficulty breathing. People older than 60 are especially vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus. Consider having groceries and supplies delivered.

What About You?

We want to ensure that above all else, you are able to continue to live and grow in a healthy way while we work together to slow the spread of this pandemic.

Below are some tips and tricks to remember as we begin to practice social distancing, while remembering that we're human!

Staying Connected Online

Now, more than ever, is the time to be neighborly. Connect with your neighbors and join Nextdoor today. You will also receive updates from us on the platform, allowing you to have access to the most updated information possible.

Need to file a non-emergency report with the police department? To protect you and our first responders, if you need to file a report with the Mountain View Police Department and don't need an immediate officer response, consider filing a report online here.

See a need in our community and want to alert our City personnel about something that requires their attention? Consider filing a task with AskMV here.


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Online Banking

To avoid touching paper money, checks, or paperwork that has been touched by others, consider online banking with your preferred financial institution. Many banks have apps that allow you to direct deposit money into your account, and allow for transfers from other money apps, including Venmo.

This allows you to stay on top of your finances, particularly during tax season, while ensuring you know that your finances are still secure.

Every afternoon going forward, we will provide an update to you so that you have the latest information readily available at your fingertips. If you have any questions, just let us know here. We're here to answer them and to help you stay as updated as possible.

Each daily Briefing will have new information, additional reminders, and new additions so that we can move forward, together.