Interview Tips Created by: Vishalpreet Phangureh

There are a lot of components of a interview.Each component is important for you to excel in the interview.You might make some mistakes but it is okey.The components of a interview are very important for a interview.


Posture is important in a interview.The dictionary definition of posture is "the position of the limbs or the carriage of the body as a whole".This means the way you stand, sit, or do anything.Posture is important because, if someone is interviewing you they would not let you get the job if you are slouching, putting your head down, and just being lazy.Bad posture represents laziness.People would not like to have a lazy person working for them, they would get no work done.This is why posture is important.

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Voice is one of the important components of a interview.Vioce is important in a interview, there are two kinds of voice types.One kind is good voice, that is when you speak clearly and calm, do not speak quietly or to loud.The other kind is bad voice, this is when you do not speak clearly and strong, you are quiet or too loud.For a interview you need the first kind, good voice.This is the reason you need voice in a interview.

Eye Contact


Appearance is important.Appearance basically means how you look.So if you were dressed up in raggedy clothing then you would be most likely to not be eligible for the job, so if you wear a suit and a tie then you would be eligible.Appearance does not only mean your clothing.If you have tattoos then they would not elect you for the job but if you did not have any markings, then you would possibly be elected the job.This shows that appearance is important.

These are some interview tips.They shall help you get a good score on the interview.Just remember that the people (not including the person who is asking the question) might be grading you as well.Also try to be engaged into what the other person is saying and do not interrupt.These are only the surface of tips for a interview, hope you do a good job.

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