Sutton Hoo By Etania

A photo of the 11th mound on Mrs Edith Pretty's land

Yesterday, one of the most important discoveries of all time was made. The discovery of the Anglo Saxon treasure trove is significant and the things that were found include jewellery and weapons that the Anglo Saxon used such as a helmet, sword and a shield. Impressively, an Anglo Saxon LONGBOAT the size of 15 men was found at the 11th mound at Sutton Hoo on the land of Edith Pretty. Mrs Pretty, who is widowed, said "I was very surprised by the find of the Anglo Saxon longboat. I made a statement that I was going to give some of the treasure to one of the local museums."

Basil Brown and some of his colleagues digging up the longboat

It took Basil Brown, the digger, a year to finally begin digging up the largest mound. It was under this that the longboat was found; there was a room at the bottom of the boat that had an Anglo Saxon warrior remains. It was not any old Anglo Saxon warrior: the warrior must have been someone very important to buried in his longboat with so much jewellery. The weapons and gold was a clue to make us think he was very important.

A bit of jewellery that was found in the longboat

Dozens of beautiful and intricately made jewellery was discovered inside the boat. The item above is one of them.

An Anglo- Saxon helmet in Now days

This is one of the armour that was found next to the warrior. This is an Anglo Saxon helmet and would keep the fearless warrior safe from all the arrows and spears being thrown at him.

Anglo-Saxon Money AKA Shillings

This is some Anglo Saxon money. They are shillings nowadays; these coins would cost a lot because you don't see them very often anymore. Some of them are even solid gold and other precious metals.

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