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“ Build something 100 people love. Not something 1 million people kind of like. ” – Brian Chesky, cofounder of Airbnb
All the vibrancy of the city, without the hustle & bustle. Embrace life across the Hudson.


Jersey City is a serene alternative to NYC living with it's friendly atmosphere, steadier pace and smaller population. This makes Jersey City a popular destination for those who want to embrace a convenient city lifestyle without losing peace of mind. The community is buzzing with atmospheric allure with it's vast number of restaurants, boutiques, bars, music venues, art galleries & more—making Jersey City the ideal location for an exciting, new rental apartment complex.

Live closer to NYC than some actual NYC boroughs.


"Travel time on the PATH can take as long as 30 minutes to 34th St. and as short as 5 minutes to the Financial District! This definitely puts competition with other boroughs that take at most 2 hours to get to Manhattan." —Kristine Luna, The Odyssey


With an impressive Walkscore of 87/100, Jersey City surrounds you with everyday conveniences. Everything you need on a day-to-day basis is always within reach.

Calling all dream chasers, adventure seekers, goal getters, and life enthusiasts.

Target Audience

These rental apartments are ideal for young 20 and 30 something-year-olds with passions to pursue and a pocketbook to keep in check. These residences offer tenants a relief from the big city, without going too far. Young professionals, commuters, newly weds, roommate-based households, pet-owners and graduate students would find solace here.

Here, residents will be able to create a life they love.

Case Studies

We canvased local competitors to evaluate their social media strategies to determine what content works best with the target audience. Through these case studies, we examined profile aesthetics, user interaction, post content, graphics and presentation as a whole. Here's what we found...

Community Overview

"Life and style meet at Rivet, artfully crafted apartments in Jersey City. Walking distance to the West Side Avenue light rail station, minutes from some of the most buzzed about shops and restaurants around, and anchoring all-new University Place."

Community Facebook

At a first glance, it may seem as though this Business Facebook Page is complete and user friendly, but there are several aspects that could use improvement. Follow the link below to see a breakdown of this business page and how they could improve their presence.


The luxury rental apartments located at 16 Bennett St. in Jersey City, represent the perfect mix of size and technology. This keyless building offers tenants all the modern luxuries of an upscale apartment without sacrificing square footage. Upper floor units and a luxurious roof deck offer panoramic views of New York City, West New Jersey, and the Hackensack river.

Community Facebook

This business page is quite incomplete. An easily recognized logo should be set as the profile image for brand recognition, and the cover graphic should tie everything together. This page has many of the same errors that were on the Rivet business page.

noteworthy mentions

Low resolution profile picture, low engagement despite large following, unmanaged reviews, lack of brand consistency, content is not diverse.

The profanity filter is turned off on page, unmanaged reviews, overwhelming sidebar, missing "learn more" button to drive website traffic, unattractive and inconsistent graphics.

Facebook link missing from website homepage, profile picture not modified for circle frames, little to no post activity, low engagement, unmanaged reviews.

Low resolution profile photo with illegible text, unmanaged reviews, does not send traffic to website, low engagement despite large following, unlicensed graphics from the web.

Social Media Capabilities

An optimized social media page is just the beginning. At Ecendant Interactive, we take social media to the next level with enhanced content, custom branded graphics, in-house social videos, optimal audience engagement, SEO tracking, detailed reporting and beautiful content calendars. The best part? We see results.

Custom Branded Content

Monthly Content Calendars

Complete and Optimized Pages

Social Media Reporting


Thank you.


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