10 Tips on How to be Ready to Enter The Workforce after College Will Sprague

1. Pick a School with a High Job Placement Rate

Today's Job market is very competitive the unemployment rate of college graduates today is higher than it was before the 2007 recession. Also, 36% of recent college graduates are underemployed, working at jobs that do not require a degree and are paid less than $45,000 a year.

2. Start Early

Many college students are guilty of procrastinating and waiting too long. There are lots of things students can do as early as their freshman year to be ready for the workforce. A good place to start is to try and form connections with faculty and build relationships and explore possible research and internship opportunities.

3. Get Involved

Get involved in internships and coop opportunities as early as you can. Many jobs today are looking for experience from recent grads. Also, many coops and internships can possibly lead to jobs.

4. Use Your Resources

Many colleges have career development services that will help to connect you with internships, coops and even jobs.

5. Make a Good Resume

This may seem obvious to many graduates but some students don't know how to make an effective resume. Students applying to jobs should have their friends and even advisers or faculty look over their resume before sending it to possible employers.

6. Practice for Interviews

Practice for job interviews. Job interviews are not something that someone should go into without any practice. On average twenty percent of people who apply to a job get an interview. In order to get that job you need to have a better interview than everyone else in that twenty percent. Keep in mind it is important to ask questions.

7. Outline Your Goals

It's easy for students to start looking and just have a goal of finding a job. It is important to have more specific goals. Students should make a list of companies in the field that they want to work in, and that they would like to work for.

8. Don't Expect too Much

This is not meant to be pessimistic. As a recent college graduate it is unlikely that you will be working your dream job and making six figures right out of the gate. Know that it is okay to have a first job and look for that dream job a little down the road.

9. Make Good Decisions

60% of businesses look at potential candidates' social media pages before considering them. That being known be smart with what you post.

10. Don't stop Searching

Once you have made it in to the work force don't just stop there. Always have an awareness of what opportunities and experiences there are out there. It is perfectly fine to look for another job while you already have one in fact it is the best time.


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