Breanna Lynn Stewart By:Brooklyn E. stewart

This 15 Year old girl Is my better half, the peanutbuttEr to my Jelly, the peas to my pod. I'm proud to say that she is my sister.

This was her spine before her surgery.

We went to her doctors appointment, and she Was 5'4". She Had a dangerous growth.

All of a sudden we had News. News that shot straight through my Heart.

She needed surgery-surgery so life threatening, she could die in an instant.

When she went into surgery, it felt like i almost passed out at school. She was in that surgery for 7 hoUrs.

After my grandpa Carl picKed my siblings and i up from our house, after all of us got hOme from school, we all went to the hospital.

The hospital was so dark, and It felt Scary To me. We were called BAck into the family room. after about 1 hour of sItting in that room, i was aloud to see my sister in the hospital Bed. She was still In the HALLUCINATION stage.

My youth Minister, mitch, was there, and we prayed for a fast recovery for my Sister.

When Ever i went back to vistit breanna, she was either in her bed or sitting upright in The chair. I loved FeEding breanna, because she Needed help Eating.

A couple days later, she started to learn how to walk again. Her therapist was always late, so she would mess around with him.

Soon she was able to go home. She loved not being bothered every second by the nurses. She was always on the couch at home.

We started noticing breanna was becoming very sesitVe to Light and sound. Our neighboRs who are doctors, came oVer one day, and We found out it was because of her medicine. We had to chanGe it, or elsE we would here, "Turn off the lights, close the blinds, and turn off the tv!" Coming from The couch, wHere Breanna layed.

At home, i saw this picture, breanna's back. The one on the right was before the surgery. She had a 65 degree curve. Breanna now has around 3-5 degree curVe.

Breanna, now almost 16, has only a little scar. She once in a while Feels 1 of her 19 screws move. You are probably thinking, "doesn't that hurt her?" The answer is no, she has 19 meteL screws and 2 metal rods for a spine.

My mom, leshia, likes to call her "the bionic child" with all of the metal in her back.

Breanna is A percussion player in one of the fisHers high school's bands.

I'm proud to say i am related to this wonderful mirAcle, And her name iS breanna lynn stEwart.


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